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Annual Review 2023

Sustainability Journey: 2023 Highlights

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Dominique Bossan, Knauf Insulation CEO

Sustainability is a journey of continuous improvement 

Dominique Bossan | Knauf Insulation CEO for Europe, Middle East and Asia, Member of the Knauf Group Management Commitee

“When we committed to Put People First, Achieve Zero Carbon, Deliver A Circular Economy and Create Better Buildings, we set ourselves clear 2025 targets to benchmark our progress.

“As of 2023, I’m proud of what we’ve achieved. We are on track to meet our targets for carbon reduction and safety.

"We had a record response rate to our employee engagement survey, and experienced encouraging results.

“There remains however many areas to improve. It is why we share our sustainability progress every year. It is an annual reminder that sustainability is a not a destination but a journey of continuous improvement.”

Culture change is driving our sustainability success

Marc Bosmans | Group Sustainability Director

“2023 was an exciting year for sustainability at Knauf Insulation. We built a network of sustainability managers and engineers to connect every site and we started sustainability workshops for all our employees.

“We put sustainability at the heart of every project, business objective and communication. In other words, we implemented a major culture change.

“Now from the factory floor to every boardroom agenda, I’m proud to say sustainability drives all aspects of our business success.”

Marc Bosmans, Group Sustainability Director

Exciting years for sustainability

Put People First

How we’re caring for our employees and communities

We’re on track to achieve our maximum Total Recordable Incident Rate of 5.0 by 2023 — a safety target which was fast-tracked from 2025. In 2022 our TRIR was 5.9 down from 6.4 in 2021.

In terms of providing a positive workplace, a record 83% of employees contributed their feedback in our third engagement survey in 2023. We saw improvement in our engagement score from 3.68 out of 5 in 2020 to 3.80 in 2023 (a slight dip from 2022’s 3.81).

We’re also seeing solid progress in our well-being programmes, Diversity and Inclusion initiatives and our community projects. We’re building on this success.


Krupka colleagues work on community projects in the Czech Republic, Knauf Insulation, Put People First
Total recordable incident rate, worldwide, result 2022
Engagement survey score, 2023 results
Knauf Insulation record survey response rate, result 2023

An inspirational culture change

Achieve Zero Carbon

Our progress towards net zero solutions

We cut our absolute full scope year-on-year greenhouse emissions by 8.2% in 2022. This has put us on track to achieve our 2025 target to reduce the embodied carbon of our products by 15% compared to 2021.

In 2022, we made a 63% year-on-year reduction in our scope 2 emissions (emissions from the electricity we buy) by securing renewable energy for our manufacturing. We also made small reductions in scope 1 emissions from our sites and scope 3 emissions from our value chain.

There’s a lot of work to do because our company is growing. However, we are accelerating our transition from fossil fuels, increasing efficiencies, and ensuring our assets have a low carbon footprint wherever possible.

Head Quarters Knauf Insulation Visé, Belgium, Zero Carbon
Our absolute full scope emissions (Mton CO2e)
Knauf Insulation scope 1 emissions (Mton CO2e), result 2022
Knauf Insulation scope 2 emissions (Mton CO2e), result 2022
Knauf Insulation scope 3 emissions (Mton CO2e), result 2022


Deliver a circular economy

Our recycling success and zero waste challenge

In 2022 we improved the percentage of recycled content in our Rock Mineral Wool batch to 13% from 11% in 2021.

Unfortunately, our production waste to landfill increased by 47.8% from 2021 to 2022 due to challenges in the first year of a greenfield start-up plant.

In other areas progress is positive. Our water use is down by 14% from 2021 to 2022. In Continental Europe we now use 30% recycled content in our packaging and our pallet takeback scheme is delivering solid results in several countries.

Meanwhile our RESULATION service is successfully taking back customer waste from construction sites and demolition sites.

 Knauf Insulation recycling success and zero waste challenge
Percentage of recycled content in Knauf Insulation Glass Mineral Wool
Percentage of recycled content in Knauf Insulation's Rock Mineral Wool
Knauf Insulation progress towards zero waste to landfill (kg waste/tonne of nominal output)
Knauf Insulation progress to reduct fresh water use (m3/tonne of net nominal output)



How we’re campaigning for change 

Our public affairs teams around the world campaigned to put building energy efficiency at the heart of policymakers’ agendas throughout 2023 and we saw some important developments. 

We supported the publication of two studies that demonstrated how renovation could cut Europe’s energy demand by 44% and save Europe €3.5 trillion in energy costs over 20 years. 

We backed new research that revealed how energy savings contribute a critical 12% to Europe’s energy mix and we launched a new tool to demonstrate how our solutions pay back their carbon footprint in just 95 days. 

Putting theory into practice, we also unveiled a 63-building retrofit of social units in Belgium. The project highlighted how quality renovation improves lives, drives decarbonisation and generates energy savings. In this case, households recorded average energy savings of 60%.

95 days average carbon payback of our solutions
60% average reduction in energy costs following Knauf Insulation 63-home Belgian retrofit
44% of Europe's residential energy demand could be cut by renovation



If you would like follow our sustainability journey in more detail as well as explore insight from our team, you can download our full report here. 


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Knauf Insulation Annual Review 2023