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OEM Solutions

We offer a full spectrum of products to meet the individual requirements and expectations of all our customers: Energy efficiency, Fire safety, Acoustics, Health and Comfort. We are focused on large & medium sized industrial companies who have the expertise and facilities to integrate our products into their finished products or systems. Rock or glass mineral wool solutions tailored to our customers' needs for following segments:


chimney insulation Rock Mineral Wool

Chimney systems 

Thermal insulation installed around chimneys prevents condensation of water vapour inside the chimney tube and provides optimum draft of fumes. At Knauf Insulation we offer insulation solutions for ceramic chimney systems and stainless steel chimney systems. Our advantage is that the products are customizable according to customer requirement.

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Domestic appliances

From ovens to refrigerators, domestic appliances need to be insulated to ensure better efficiency as well as a more sustainable environment, energy efficiency and health protection. Insulating ovens can prevent transfer of heat from the oven to kitchen furniture and fulfill the highest demands of indoor air quality. Concerning the insulation of the refrigirators and freezers, vacuum insulated panels are used, providing lower energy consumption and higher energy efficiency.

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doors, insulation, acoustic door, fire door


Knauf Insulation specializes in insulating two types of doors - acoustics and fire doors. Our awareness that rock mineral wool, due to its structure, provides a highly effective barrier to noise and significantly dampens sound, led us to further develop different types of insulation cores for wooden door systems, where high sound performance factors in combination with excellent thermal conductivity are required. Furthermore, due to the required fire protection and thermal insulation, rock mineral wool is the preferred solution to be used as an insulation core in steel fire doors.

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Machine production

A wide range of industrial appliances as well as 3D printers contain mineral wool insulation by Kauf Insulation. One of the benefits are an increase in the performances of the appliance, due to thermal insulation and fire protection. Another benefit of the insulation, which is notably the case for the 3D printers, is the noise reduction when the machine is in use. 

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sandwich panels, Rock Mineral Wool, insulation, prefabricated

Prefabricated building elements

Prefabricated building elements are widely used in construction of non-residential buildings. Energy efficiency, low noise pollution and fire safety are key requirements which determine the design of such buildings. Rock mineral wool sandwich panels are the most convenient solution for meeting all of those requirements. Knauf Insulation rock mineral wool is widely used as the core of sandwich panels owing to its excellent fire resistance, non-combustibility, thermal and sound insulation properties. Due to advanced mechanical properties, our products are cost effective solutions for even the most demanding constructions.

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Road sound barriers

A sound barrier is an exterior structure designed to protect sensitive land users from noise pollution. Sound barriers are the most effective method of reducing traffic and industrial noise sources. Knauf Insulation rock mineral wool insulation forms an integral part of the road sound barrier. With its outstanding properties, especially with superb acoustic performance, it absorbs noise and provides noise insulation to protect people and the environment. Noise is unwanted sound. Highway traffic noise tends to be a dominant noise source in our urban and rural environment. There are three sources of traffic noise, depending on the origin: vehicle engines, tires and aerodynamics.

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thermal solar panels, solar panels, Rock Mineral Wool, Glass Mineral Wool, Thermal insulation

Thermal solar panels

Insulation in thermal solar collectors prevents loss of accumulated heat in the solar collector and improves absorption efficiency. Knauf Insulation rock and glass mineral wool is an integral part of thermal solar collectors owing to its outstanding thermal insulation properties, material stability at high temperatures and low organic compound emissions. Excellent mechanical properties enable automated production processes.

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Insulated clay bricks

Clay bricks are filled with different types of insulation material in order to improve thermal efficiency and sound reduction, and to maintain the high compression strength of self-standing bricks. Insulated Clay Bricks are mainly used in residential areas for multi-family houses and small apartment houses, and seldom for non-residential buildings.

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wood wool, walls, ceilings, parking, garage, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation

Wood wool systems

Wood wool systems are a perfect insulation solution for walls and ceilings in basements, parking garages, underground car parks and technical rooms. They ensure required thermal and acoustic insulation to inhibit heat and noise transfer, as well as outstanding fire resistance. Knauf Insulation produces rock mineral wool boards with semi-oriented fibers, which are, owing to their excellent thermal insulation properties, as well as optimal fire, acoustic and mechanical characteristics, a perfect solution to be used as an insulation core in wood wool systems for ceilings and walls.

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Customized solutions

We do our best to offer products and service levels tailored to meet the most demanding customer requirements in the production of small series or project-specific applications in order to optimize the performance of their applications. Our mission is to ensure appropriate product quality while satisfying the needs of our customers is our prime objective and represents the core principle of our business activities. To do that, we have our own converting units in Slovenia and Czech Republic.

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