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Internal Partition Wall Insulation

Upgrade your space with internal wall insulation

Internal wall insulation can be used in both commercial and residential properties to improve internal comfort and increase energy efficiency.

There are different methods of adding insulation to internal walls – each aimed at reducing heat loss, improving acoustic performance or increasing fire safety. Insulation improves the energy efficiency of building and creates a comfortable home or working environment. Internal walls typically fall under one of the following categories.

Internal partition wall

In addition to high levels of mass, which is provided by the plasterboard layers, the layer of mineral wool insulation is used to improve the sound reduction properties of internal walls. In certain buildings there may also be specific fire resistance requirements for walls between specific room types.

Acoustic insulation, made of Glass Mineral wool or Rock Mineral wool, is installed between two leaves of plasterboard.

 Depending on the performance needs, there are variances like the type of plasterboard used, the types of studwork used, the orientation of studwork... 

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