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Green Solution

Designing Climate-sensitive Green Roof and Landscaping Solutions

We have been part of the green roof and landscaping industry for years, delivering high quality rock mineral wool growing medium and complete green roof and landscaping solutions to installers, investors and growers around the globe.

Urbanscape® is a cover name for a range of innovative products, concepts and systems which can be used in numerous applications. They combine the key aspects for enhancing the Urban Environment by making it healthier for the residents.

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Green Roof System

Designed for residential, non-residential, industrial and urban rooftops, Urbanscape® Green Roof Systems are lightweight and easy to install. In addition to bringing a touch of greenery to an urban landscape, these roofs are designed to control the excessive heat that can build up in cities and to manage rainwater through their absorbing power. Their lightweight is a significant asset as it allows them to be placed on structures that previously could not even fathom being equipped with a green roof. 

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Detention Green Roof

Urbanscape® Detention Green Roof is a pioneer in stormwater management. Typically, other green roofs simply capture stormwater and wait for it to evaporate, which can be problematic during heavy rainfall. Here, the Detention Green Roof system allows for water retention as well as water detention, so that the roof is always ready for the next storm. 

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Landscaping System

Excessive urbanization prevent proper infiltration of rain water into the ground. To face this challenge a solution is to add greenery to the city. It is beneficial as it regulates the surplus of stormwater. The landscaping system offers superior water absorption and high water retention capacity. The system made of natural rock mineral wool fibers is also beneficial in terms of water conservation, plant growth and control over soil erosion. 

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Green Wall

Green walls are a kind of vertical garden that beautify and improve the urban environment. A mix of plants is carefully chosen to best suit the climate of the area. In addition to being pleasing to the eye, this type of wall reduces noise and carbon pollution. The hydroponic-based structure is lightweight, which allows for easy fixation to the building. 

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Green Designs on the Move

Green Designs on he Move is an innovative concept which utilizes moving infrastructures and the side of the roads which are otherwise nothing but greyness. Whether it is on the roof of a car, a houseboat, a caravan or a camper, the city becomes greener, which benefits both the environment and the population in the long run. By using Urbanscape® technology along the roads, labor costs at the installation stage and maintenance costs over the life of the project will be reduced.

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Safety systems

Safety Systems protects employee working on top of buildings from faling. Our SafetyPro systema are fall protection system for flat roofs, where users have the maximum freedom of movement, allowing the personnel to freely progress around the roof with no need to reattach. The traveller slides freely along the cables and anchor posts. All system components are made of high quality corrosion resistant materials and comply with the latest EU standards.

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