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By working with organisations such as Fire Safe Europe and a wide range of construction experts and industry partners, we are working to highlight dangerous discrepancies in fire safety regulations across Europe with policy-makers.

Better Buildings Improved Fire Safety

Knauf Insulation offers a wide range of A1 and A2 fire-safe insulation products for every building requirement from ThermoShell and ETICS rock-based systems to Glass Mineral Wool with ECOSE Technology to Heraklith, MineralPlus and Rock Mineral Wool Slabs.

But it is not enough to offer fire-safe solutions. As the built environment changes, new products and materials are installed and new innovative construction methods are showcased, particularly in the light of new energy-saving regulations, we believe it is critical that the entire building chain is driven by robust regulation. And that means designing the risk of fire out of buildings from the start.

Fire Safe Europe Call to Action to the European Commission to take action on fire safety in buildings


Designing fire risk out of buildings

Building fire safety challenges should be eliminated from the start. At Knauf Insulation we are creating solutions that help inside and out.

Fatal flaw of regulation

When it comes to building safety, how fire reacts in the real world is all that matters. For years Knauf Insulation has supported organisations such as Fire Safe Europe as well as many national campaigns to fight for better building fire safety regulation.