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The industrial landscape is changing fast and energy efficiency is getting to the top of the agenda as industries across the worked are looking at ways to reduce their carbon emissions and energy use whilst keep competitive. 


Much of this change is driven by regulation for example in Europe carbon credits are bought and sold by industry under the Emissions Trading Scheme.  In parallel, industry must carry out regular energy audits under the EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive.

The best answer to all these changes is not complicated: simply insulate. It saves energy, money, the environment and it strengthens competitiveness.

Knauf Insulation Technical Solutions has the right products for every industrial insulation challenge, from non-combustible wired and lamella mats, to fire-proof pipe sections, high temperature and tank boards, and binder-free loose wool and flocks.

Imagine an investment that pays back in two months! A report commissioned by the European Industrial Insulation Foundation (EiiF), of which Knauf Insulation is a member, examined several real-life examples in various industries and countries.

For a chemical plant in France, the payback was between two and four months with energy savings of 12,600,000 KWh/a and financial savings of over €505,000pa.

In a refinery in Italy, the payback was between one and three years providing energy savings of 1,021,958 kWh/a and financial savings of €75,000pa.

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