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One in five people in Europe suffer from noise levels that are a major health threat, according to The World Health Organisation (WHO)

And it is a situation that is getting worse. As the urban density of cities increases, external as well as internal noise pollution is becoming more intense with a huge negative impact on productivity, performance, social behaviour and well-being.

Acoustic Brochure Cover

Acoustic Excellence Creates Better Buildings

Our acoustic brochure showcases the various solutions Knauf Insulation offers to reduce day-to-day noise pollution.

In your everyday life, noise follow you wherever you go. Below are some situations in which you most likely will be bothered by the noise around you. 


Our acoustic solutions

Knauf Insulation Office Vise Empty

At work

At work, your colleagues or loud machines like the AC or the printer can quickly become an annoyance and make you lose focus. Click here for more information.

Radotin primary school canteen, Prague, the Czech Republic

At school

How can your child get a good education if there is too much noise in the classroom to hear the teacher speak? Click here to find out what acoustic solution can be used to hinder noise pollution.  

Acoustic Isolation Amare Cultural Complex The Hague Netherlands Has Breeam Excellence Certificate

At a theatre or cinema

Going on a night out after work to relax? This experience might not be as pleasant as you hoped, if the place you are going to doesn't have a proper insulation.  Read more information on insulation of theatres here and if you are more a movie person, read more information here

Prinses Máxima Centrum Hospital Reference Netherlands

At the hospital

Recovering from an illness will take longer if your sleep and well-being is disrupted by unwanted noise. Read more here.

The Park Hyatt Hotel in Auckland, New Zealand

At a hotel

Nothing spoils a summer holiday or business trip faster than a noisy hotel.
That is why installing insulation with outstanding acoustic performance is good for guests, good for employees and great for business. Read more here.

Power-Tek Solution Industrial Insulation -160°C BASF And Linde Engineering Germany Ludwigshafen

At an industrial facility

Loud levels of industrial noise can impact worker’s health and a threaten safety. Reliable acoustic solutions are essential to ensure a workplace that is safe and sound. Read more here.

Atlas Theatre by night in Emmen

At a public building

Improving acoustics is also at the heart of public buildings renovation. Discover our tips for maximizing well-being through better acoustic insulation.

So what can we do about noise pollution? As it is not always possible to stop noise at source, the most effective solution is to insulate and Knauf Insulation offers a wide range of highly effective acoustic insulation products and solutions for use in new build separating walls, partitions, and floors, as well as for the upgrade of existing buildings to provide improved sound insulation and acoustic comfort. They also provide excellent thermal performance.


Here are some of our acoustic solutions: 

Glass Mineral Wool Solution

Our Glass Mineral Wool is lightweight, easily installed and provides outstanding thermal insulation as well as exceptional acoustic performance.

Discover more about our Glass Mineral Wool.

Heraklith® acquisition 2006
Heraklith Wood Wool Solution

Another solution could be our Heraklith Wood Wool systems that offer an ideal acoustic solution for applications such as garages, ceilings, external walls, loft floors or pitched roofs.

Discover our Heraklith Wood Wool products. 

Urbanscape Detention Green Roof System
Green Roof System Solution

Finally, our Green Roof System, Urbanscape® not only dramatically reduces noise pollution through excellent external sound absorption properties but also provides excellent climate-friendly thermal insulation.

Discover our Urbanscape® Green Roofs.


Acoustic Brochure Cover

Acoustic Excellence Creates Better Buildings

Our acoustic brochure showcases the various solutions Knauf Insulation offers to reduce day-to-day noise pollution.