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Campaigning for energy efficiency

Improving energy efficiency on a large scale requires everyone to do their part – from the people manufacturing products, to the people installing them on-site.

At Knauf Insulation, we actively campaign for regulatory improvements that will help us all to create more energy efficient buildings.

A game-changing new legislation for European buildings

A proposed revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) includes Minimum Energy Performance Standards for existing buildings in Europe. Public and commercial buildings would need to reach an ‘E’ standard by 2030, followed by apartments and houses by 2033.

With the current deep renovation rate at just 0.2%, this is a massive undertaking and will demand a focus on quality, energy saving and decarbonisation.

We’ve put forward five recommendations for a game-changing EPBD to policy makers at EU and national levels:

  1. Introduce a clear roadmap for minimum energy performance requirements for existing buildings.
  2. Set best-in-class standards for new buildings and introduce an ‘energy needs for heating and cooling’ metric to secure a well-performing building envelope.
  3. Create an enabling environment to stage and strengthen renovation efforts.
  4. Fully integrate co-benefits of energy renovation for Better Buildings.
  5. Ensure an EU-wide harmonised approach to carbon metrics.

To facilitate and enable the planning and implementation of the renovation process, we propose enabling the creation of public and commercial ‘one-stop-shops’ to provide investors with both the advice and practical support required to achieve quality, deep renovations. This approach has already been successful in various projects in Hungary, Ireland, Latvia and Poland, as well as Belgium and the UK, where our own Knauf Energy Solutions has carried out renovation projects at scale.

Measuring real performance

The challenge of any renovation project is ensuring it achieves the energy savings that have been promised. Current Energy Performance Certificates give a theoretical view of a building’s energy performance but it’s time to shift from theory to practice.

Pioneering technology from Knauf Energy Solutions allows the metering of real in-use energy performance, which can be measured before and after renovation, to evidence improvement. Knauf Energy Solutions can also audit an occupied building and provide detailed recommendations for how to achieve further energy savings, as required.

Energy Metre Knauf Energy Solution

To fully realise the benefits of technologies like this, we’re campaigning for:

  • Development of pay-for-performance schemes that reward metered energy renovation savings.
  • Promotion of EU-wide, certified digital energy efficiency meters in the Electricity Market Design and Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.
  • Member States to be given the option of using certified digital energy efficiency metering technologies to assess the energy performance of buildings within, or as an alternative to, EPCs.

As we move towards increasingly electrified heating systems, we are also examining mechanisms to reward energy efficiency. The aim is to reduce daily and seasonal peaks in demand, which could overload electricity grids.

Knauf Insulation’s teams are campaigning for change on a broad range of issues across the globe.