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Creating Better Buildings, for today and tomorrow

Did you know that on average we spend 90% of our time indoors? At school, at work, at home and elsewhere.

The buildings we occupy are often run on fossil fuel energy and most are poorly insulated. They significantly contribute to climate change. Most of our existing buildings will still be here for decades to come. So, to properly future-proof them we must perform better, deeper renovations as well as creating future proof new buildings, from the ground up.

Buildings that are better for the people who live and work in them, better for our planet, and better for the future.


What defines a Better Building?

Energy Efficiency Green Icon

Focus on energy efficiency

Today, approx. 75% of EU buildings are energy inefficient and the renovation rate is just 1%. We urgently need to improve energy efficiency across the board, by prioritising a ‘fabric first’ approach (and better insulation), and also increasing renovation rate towards 3%.


Resilience Winter Summer Energy Efficiency Icon

Focus on resilience

Climate change is being felt across Europe, through colder winters and hotter summers. And more extreme weather conditions are predicted for the future. Our buildings must be climate resilient – able to withstand extreme temperatures whilst maintaining a healthy, comfortable environment for occupants.

Safety Wellbeing Indoor Generation Better Buildings

Focus on safety and wellbeing

An ageing population and the ‘indoor generation’ have raised awareness of the impact of buildings on our health. The safety of construction products has rightly come under scrutiny and so have the long-term effects of temperature, light, air quality and noise pollution. Ventilation, fire safety , good air quality and reduction of unwanted sound are cornerstones of Better Buildings

Sustainability In Buildings Renovation Climate Neutral

Focus on sustainability

With urbanisation continuing to rise, achieving a climate-neutral Europe by 2050 will require our buildings to become net-zero in both operational and embodied carbon. This has to start with deep renovation of our existing stock, alongside the proper design of new buildings to favour flexibility, multiple use and application of decarbonized and/or recyclable materials.

Our world is changing. We need improved standards and a more ambitious vision of sustainability for both our new buildings and our renovations.

Knauf Insulation’s solutions influence many areas of the ‘Better Building’ approach, so as one of the world’s largest insulation manufacturers, we’re taking an active role in making this happen.

Our vision is to lead the change in smarter insulation solutions For A Better World. That’s why we’re dedicated to developing the right products and campaigning for regulations that support our customers in creating the Better Buildings we all need.


Learn how the right insulation can help us achieve:


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