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Supafil Blowing Wool Flowing Out Pipe
Welcome to the World of SUPAFIL®

Our SUPAFIL®Blowing Wool is an exceptionally flexible, high performing insulation solution that is ideal for all types of building.

Offering multiple applications, multi-faceted benefits and high-speed installation, the solution is perfect for new-build construction, renovation projects and modular buildings.

SUPAFIL is a safe environmentally-friendly solution that creates comfortable living spaces, saves energy and costs as well as increases the value of any building.

Discover how SUPAFIL can provide a solution for most insulation challenges by exploring our reference cases.

What is SUPAFIL® Blowing Wool?

SUPAFILis made from loose fibrous Glass Mineral Wool that consists of 99% glass — up to 80% of which is recycled.

The remaining 1% includes silicone to ensure the solution repels water as well as drops of mineral oil and antistatic to reduce dust and electrostatic charge.

The Blowing Wool is non-combustible, has been certified Eurofins Gold for Indoor Air Quality, delivers excellent acoustic and thermal performance and contains no binders or harmful Red List chemicals.

SUPAFIL is specially designed to be blown into spaces that require insulation using a dedicated blowing machine and accessories to ensure the best possible performance.

Blowing wool Benefits

  • Reduces energy demand and energy use
  • Improves thermal and acoustic performance
  • Provides a long reliable lifespan
  • Cuts CO2 emissions
  • Does not support fungi or bacteria growth
  • Remains resistant to humidity
  • Certified Eurofins Gold for Indoor Air Quality
  • Installation is quick, simple and clean
Checking Architectural Plan To Insulate Good Areas With Supafil Blowing Wool
SUPAFIL Brochure Cover


Our SUPAFIL® brochure showcases successful stories from all around the world of our SUPAFIL® product range in various applications. Request here our brochure for download.