Turning results into actions

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Turning results into action

The first Gallup engagement survey was carried out in 2020 across Knauf Insulation sites in Central and Western Europe as well as Russia and CIS with a total of 2,605 colleagues (77%) taking time to give their input. The results are now being transformed into action plans.

Engagement champions are now working with colleagues and management to create action plans based on the survey feedback.

Our Group HR Talent & Development Manager Katrien Wakana says: “Surveys are not just about results, they are about what results raise. Thanks to our Engagement Champions we are finding out exactly what this means for every team.

“The champions are colleagues we exchange with every day. They experiment, they interact, they initiate, all year long, and they are no different from anyone else, which ensures trust.

“They help us to address situations and come up with creative solutions. They also show it is not always big solutions that improve our environment, it starts with changing small habits and learning from new experiences. I am sure our champions have been transformed by their experiences — we could not have achieved so much without them.”

A follow-up survey will be carried out in 2022 to assess the results and keep the initiative on track.

Katrien Wakana, Group HR Talent & Development Manager

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Valérie Godfroid
Valérie Godfroid

Group Headquarters Office Manager and Executive Assistant of the Group Chief Financial Officer, Visé, Belgium

“Being a champion is about caring, making people feel comfortable and letting them speak frankly. Being a champion is about dedicating yourself to others and being full of hope to make them feel better. But you also receive so much. The exchanges are incredible.”

Nicolette Reháneková
Nicolette Reháneková

Regional HR Project Manager/HR Manager, Hungary

“Following the survey, at Zalaegerszeg and Budaörs in Hungary, we have focused on development, managerial skills, cooperation between departments and motivating colleagues. Common to both sites was a need for more training in communication which is now another important focus.”

Inna Sukhoguzova
Inna Sukhoguzova

HR Manager, Tyumen, Russia

“I took part in meetings to action plans after the survey. My preconception was that people would talk about salaries, so it was interesting to hear people speak about things such as engagement, development, recognition. It is by speaking together that we can change the way we work together.”

Galfria Kaliuzhanya
Glafira Kaliuzhnaya

Training & Development Manager, Russia & CIS

“After the survey I spent many hours speaking with people about engagement, the company, values and their interests. It is important to ask: why am I here? What can I do for my colleagues and company? What are my values? It is important to bring together personal and corporate aims.”

Alicia Dona
Alicia Dona

HR Manager, Paris, France

“We are working to address needs such as joint summaries at the end of leadership meetings to ensure uniform top-down communication, development courses, inter-departmental meetings to improve relationships and a common charter to maintain good relations between departments.”

Marina Cagliano
Marina Cagliano

HR Officer and Personal Assistant to Managing Director Italy, Volpiano, Italy

“Our survey was positive, so it is important to continue consolidating the path we have taken. Continuing initiatives include bottom-up processes that see employees as leading actors. Recently we organised workshops to define a list of tasks to work on such as strategy, ideas and newsletters.”

Paolo Curati
Paolo Curati

Managing Director Italy, Volpiano, Italy

“The involvement of the team in defining the plan of initiatives is fundamental for the achievement of each objective, especially in the area of engagement. We will continue the initiatives launched with determination.”

Cristina Gomez
Cristina Gomez

Finance Controlling and Human Health Risk Resources, Iberia

“We had open sessions and our first action was to work on teamwork to counterbalance the impact of COVID. We had workshops to bring out team strengths and weaknesses as well as sessions on empathy, communication and assertiveness.”


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