Tackling The Issue Of Gender Bias

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Jane Curran

“When I received a Knauf Leadership Award, it felt great to know I didn’t have to show typical male traits to be successful. I could genuinely be myself.”

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Asif Dar 2
Asif Dar

“I will seek to recruit women for positions in under-represented areas, providing that person is the best candidate for the role on offer.”

Yaprak Nayir

“At Knauf Insulation you will meet successful, strong female colleagues who are great role models and always happy to help.

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IWD Ian Gornall2
Ian Gornall

“When we witness female colleagues not being treated equitably then we ALL have a duty to call it out.”

Sarah Whittle

“Knauf Insulation has a culture where women can feel equal and it is a safe environment to be strong, open and honest.”


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Giuliana Rivituso
Giuliana Rivituso

“Advice for a new female colleague? Never stop following your beliefs and dreams. Do not give up.”

Zakia Bashir

“Knauf Insulation is a great place for women to work with plenty of opportunities for career progression and development. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and show your potential.”

Bashir, Zakia
Gizem Bulbul.jpg
Gizem Bulbul

“Advice for a young female colleague joining Knauf Insulation? Just be open and direct. You are accepted for who you are.”