Stanisław Zwolan - International Graduate Engineer

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The International Graduate Engineer started work started work with Knauf Insulation in 2021 and is from Poland.

Stanisław Zwolan - International Graduate Engineer - Knauf Insulation
Where do I see myself in five years? I see myself continuing to learn and grow within the company, while sharing my learned expertise and positive mindset with others.
Stanisław Zwolan

What are the benefits of Knauf Insulation’s International Graduate Training Programme?

The Graduate Program is important to me because it allowed me to immerse myself in Knauf Insulation and quickly understand the complexity of the industry on different levels — from central to local — while keeping me on the move. Working with central teams in Belgium helped me understand the bigger vision and the direction in which Knauf Insulation is going to meet customers’ demands, while being at the plant and working with local teams helped me understand the daily challenges of the production line.

How does the program help develop your career?

It allows me to learn about production processes, technologies, regulations, work on projects that contribute to the company, while helping me become a better version of myself. Working with people from different cultures, with different backgrounds, in different locations provides a wide range of points of view and teaches you how to make the best decisions.

What does program contribute to Knauf Insulation?

During the program, you go through a Glass Mineral Wool and Rock Mineral Wool training that contributes to a better understanding of the broad spectrum of products and applications. This makes you polyvalent and more apt to find solutions to new problems and challenges. As you travel to different plants, you create a connection between the sites and help bring central ideas to local teams and vice versa.

How does the program enhance Knauf Insulation culture?

The program immerses you in culture. You quickly learn the core company values and become a person that conveys them to different teams. As you develop and progress, you enhance the culture by bringing your own solutions and ways of working.

How does this build on Continuous Improvement? Safety? And customer centricity?

All the projects that you are given during the Graduate Programme are connected to those strategic pillars. The projects focus on continuously improving our processes and our understanding of them, while continuing to work safely to respond to customers’ demands and bring new innovative solutions.

What lesson from the programme would you share with colleagues around the world?

People around you know more than you. When entering a new company or industry, it is important to stay humble and have discussions rather than rely on paper-based knowledge and procedures. This will give you a broader understanding and help you resolve problems more efficiently.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself continuing to learn and grow within the company, while sharing my learned expertise and positive mindset with others.




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