SUPAFIL® Soffit Solution

Supafil Jetspray Blowing Wool Insulation Soffits
SUPAFIL® Soffit Solution
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JetSpray is a non-combustible Blowing Wool solution for car parks, basements, crawl spaces or other soffit areas. As these areas are usually connected to public buildings, JetSpray offers an ideal A2 fire safe product for hard-to-reach areas as well as a quickly installed solution that is lightweight and highly effective with an attractive white finish.

Jet Spray

Jetspray system benefits

  • A lightweight solution that adds vey little weight to a structure

  • Fast and convenient installation saves both time and cost

  • The system is robust and provides precision application

  • Materials and equipment are easy to prepare and easily cleaned

  • Complete range of readily available accessories 

  • Packaging is lightweight for ease of handling

SUPAFIL Brochure Cover


Our SUPAFIL® brochure showcases successful stories from all around the world of our SUPAFIL® product range in various applications. Request here our brochure for download.