SUPAFIL® Offsite Solution

Supafil Max Frame Blowing Wool Offsite
SUPAFIL® Offsite Solution

SUPAFIL® goes big! MaxFrame Prefab is the big version of our SUPAFIL® Timber Frame. The 174 kg bale solution is especially suited for offsite insulation using semi-industrial to fully automated blowing machinery. High flow rates, low dust and best settlement characteristics allowing the shipping of the elements is a perfect mix for any manufacturing site of structures.

The SUPAFIL® MAX Frame System provides huge efficiency improvements that can make a big difference to your business. Insulating pre-fabricated homes is now faster and easier than ever.

"Flexibility, punctuality and expertise. Knauf Insulation and SUPAFIL® have helped us to uphold these principles by not only delivering on time, but also providing a product that dramatically reduces waste, both in terms of materials and time," says Toni Sjöman, technical manager at FM-Haus Oy.

We visited our Finnish off-site customer FM Haus at their manufacturing site in the south of Finland. Have a look at the installation of their new blowing machinery and understand why this off-site house manufacturer has selected our blowing wool.

Three Employees Working FM Haus Office

"We’re feeling incredibly positive about the growing market and our ability to supply its needs alongside Knauf Insulation’s products and team," says Toni Sjöman, technical manager at FM-Haus Oy.

Case Studies

FM Haus Headquarters Jokioinen Finland Wide Angle

Offsite House Manufacturing Building - Jokioinen, Finland

Live the experience SUPAFIL® MAX

Come and try SUPAFIL® Max Frame system in our Experience Center in Visé (Belgium):

The blowing plates of the three main manufacturers are waiting for you! We are glad to support you in the selection of the blowing equipment matching your specific needs.

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Supafil Max Frame System
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Our SUPAFIL® brochure showcases successful stories from all around the world of our SUPAFIL® product range in various applications. Request here our brochure for download.