SUPAFIL® Loft Solution

Supafil Loft Installed Roof Depth Gauges
SUPAFIL® Loft Solution
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Our SUPAFIL® Loft solution is specially designed for open blowing, fast and clean installation. No preparation is required, and the Mineral Wool can be blown directly over existing insulation, pipes or electrical units. Lightweight and offering excellent thermal performance, SUPAFIL is ideal for light ceiling constructions. In addition, it is non-combustible and contains no flame-retarding additives.

SUPAFIL® stories

Discover why customers in France and Japan chose SUPAFIL Loft for their ambitious projects, below.

Senior Residence - UZES, France

"SUPAFIL® is easy to install well and when insulation is easy to install, we save time."

Clément Westrelin, Project Manager at BE Westrelin Engineering Consultancy.

Provence in France is renowned for its beauty and long hot summers, but in winter north-westerly winds cast an icy chill over the region. That is why Everest Isolation  chose SUPAFIL Loft for the insulation of a new residential home for the elderly.


"SUPAFIL® is user-friendly and offers exceptional performance."

Philippe Million, President at Everest Isolation

Residential New Build - NISEKO, Japan

"Our partnership with Knauf Insulation has improved our profitability and strenghtened our market share."

Masahiro Mitsuboshi, President at Onnetsu Kankyo Kaihatsu Inc

Winter temperatures can drop to minus 10°C in the Japanese region of Hokkaido so it is vital buildings are well insulated. Masahiro Mitsuboshi, President of Onnetsu Kankyo Kaihatsu Inc, says he chooses SUPAFIL® Loft for his residential projects because it offers outstanding building thermal efficiency, significantly reduces energy consumption, prevents heat loss and cuts CO² emissions

By installing SUPAFIL®, we hope to improve the thermal performance of houses, creating homes with less heat loss and improved energy consumption overall. In fact, Japan is making efforts to reduce the amount of energy emitted from households to help push towards carbon neutrality."

Masahiro Mitsuboshi, president at Onnetsy Kankyo Kaihtsu Inc.

Case studies

Supafil Onnetsu Kankyo Kaihatsu Inc.

Residential New Build - Niseko, Japan

SUPAFIL Brochure Cover


Our SUPAFIL® brochure showcases successful stories from all around the world of our SUPAFIL® product range in various applications. Request here our brochure for download.