SUPAFIL® Cavity Solution

Cavity XL Supafil Installed Emmen Netherlands Wall Insulation
SUPAFIL® Cavity Solution
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SUPAFIL® is injected from the inside or outside into new or existing built masonry cavity walls with a brick or block outer leaf which may be rendered.

SUPAFIL offers a long-lasting, durable solution. 


Discover how SUPAFIL® Cavity XL is helping installers in the Netherlands keep up with booming demand for high quality, durable insulation.


In the Netherlands, where Pluimers Isolatie B.V. is based, project quality and durability are paramount. That’s why Pluimers chooses to use SUPAFIL® Cavity XL, a versatile insulation solution that is both quick to implement and can be installed in any weather.

“Our biggest challenge currently is that the market is exploding. There’s so much demand for insulation and SUPAFIL® Cavity XL helps us to keep up with that demand by offering a product with which we can work effectively and efficiently.”

Leon Brink, insulation fitter, Pluimers Isolatie B.V.


In a bid to build a million new homes by 2035 – with exacting environmental standards – demand for high quality, durable, fast and easy insulation solutions in the Netherlands is understandably high. For installers at Pluimers Isolatie, SUPAFIL® Cavity XL helps to deliver premium quality effectively and efficiently, while reducing their carbon and energy footprint.

SUPAFIL Brochure Cover


Our SUPAFIL® brochure showcases successful stories from all around the world of our SUPAFIL® product range in various applications. Request here our brochure for download.