PUDASJÄRVI school campus - BREEAM (Finland)

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PUDASJÄRVI school campus - BREEAM (Finland)

Certification achieved

BREEAM International New Construction certification scheme.

Product used

SUPAFIL Frame, 9,700m2 of floor space. Project School to open in summer 2016. It will accommodate around 800 students in four buildings.


Air quality in public buildings, particularly schools, has been a priority in Finland for years and led to many large-scale school renovations across the country. From the point of view of the city of Pudasjärvi, it was important to find the best partners for the project.

Solution. All the building materials were chosen in line with strict life cycle analysis as well as their contribution to BREEAM.


SUPAFIL can contribute up to 32 points in the BREEAM certification scheme in a range of categories including energy efficiency, CO2 reduction, acoustic quality, recycled content and air quality. It also matched the overall cost-value thinking of the project as well as the importance being attached to life cycle assessment. Environmental Product Declarations that chart the environmental impact of a product throughout its life cycle are available for SUPAFIL Frame.

Read more in our Sustainability Report 2015.

Client Finland