Office Building - Green Hearth - Belgrade (Serbia)

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Office Building - Green Hearth - Belgrade (Serbia)

Major office complex in New Belgrade, GBA 46000m² in 5 offices buildings.

Our solutions

Rock Mineral Wool

- Floor, Pod Standard, d-3cm – 2500m²
- Contact Façade, FKD-S Thermal, d=80-100mm– 2400m²
- Garage Ceilings, CLT C1, d=120mm – 3200m²
- Ventilated Façade, Ventacussto 50-80mm – 5000m²
- Ventilated Façade, Homeseal LDS 0.02 UV FixPlus – 2000m²
- Ventilated Façade, Homeseal LDS 0.04 FixPlus – 3000m²

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