People power

People power
October 23, 2019

Young graduates are transforming their global careers with Knauf Insulation helping our company build on the culture that has made us such a success with customers.

Knauf Insulation is investing in a new generation of young talent to energise the culture that gives our company a successful competitive edge. Master’s Degree graduates from the European VIE scheme are maximising their career opportunities at our sites around the world, while our International Graduate Training Program (IGTP) has gone from strength to strength with more than 1,300 applications for eight positions in the two years since it started in 2018. This program offers graduates a chance to travel to Knauf Insulation sites around the world, explore a range of career opportunities, experience training in the manufacturing of

Glass and Rock Mineral Wool, work with people at all levels, develop new skills and experience ownership of critical projects. Understanding the big picture of our company will help IGTP graduates become future leaders. Ideally, one day, they should be able to manage a plant. Meanwhile, the European VIE scheme set up by the French Government, allows Master’s Degree graduates from European Economic Area countries 12- and 24-month opportunities in different departments and the chance to accelerate their career through mentorship and deep learning from a diverse range of cultures.

“At Knauf Insulation you can blossom among great colleagues from all over the world on international projects. VIE graduates get great opportunities in the company and the company benefits from a fresh vision.”
Suzie Hazotte, Marketing Specialist

Suzie Hazotte - people
Harrison Gusto - People

“Where will I be in five years? There are many interesting positions, either in the plants or the central division. It will depend on what is available and the results I deliver, but I want to progress as far as possible.”
Harrison Gustot, IGTP Process Engineer

“Continuous improvement? Over the years we work with people at every level to learn the best and worse practices for improvement. We are constantly working on best examples and best practices.”
Giuliana Rivituso, IGTP Process Engineer

Giuliana Rivituso - people
Adrien Saracco

“We are working on projects to target better quality, better productivity and better energy savings and in the end, the customer benefits from this. More action is being taken to think like a customer to implement positive change.”
Adrien Saracco, IGTP Process Engineer

“What is important for me is to explore a bigger world and learn new skills. I want to understand what I’m good at. Where can I make a real difference?”
Alejandro Simó Versperinas, IGTP Process Engineer

Alejandro Simo Versperinas - people
Anastasia Paelali - people

“We get insight into all aspects of the company and the bigger picture following training sessions for Research and Development, Marketing, Purchasing, Logistics and Finance. Working in process for both Glass Mineral Wool and Rock Mineral Wool provides a global perspective.”
Anastasia Parlali, IGTP Process Engineer

“VIE is a contract, it gave Knauf Insulation and myself the opportunity to work together. What helped me develop professionally was the environment I was working in: my
manager acted as a mentor; colleagues around me welcomed me warmly and helped me learn and I enjoyed the experience and fantastic diversity of a different region.”
Charles Pouzin, Supply Chain Manager

Charles Pouzin
Camilla Saltini

“Career highlights? The people and opportunities. I have visited many Knauf Insulation sites and I’m always impressed by the high level of competence, experience and willingness of colleagues to help. The International Graduate program is a unique opportunity to speed up my career.”
Camilla Saltini, IGTP Process Engineer






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