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Colour-matching creates the perfect blend  

To enhance the aesthetic appeal of Rocksilk® Soffit Linerboard, Knauf Insulation Northern Europe has launched the first range of colour-matched tube washers.

“We know architects and contractors choose Rocksilk® Soffit Linerboard for use in car parks, stadiums and commercial units because it is a high-performing, non-combustible insulation solution that is also aesthetically pleasing, while installers like it because no additional finishing is required,” said Luke Davies, Rock Mineral Wool Product Manager for Knauf Insulation Northern Europe.

“To reduce thermal bridging, we developed a fixing method using tube washers in the corners of each slab instead of traditional all-steel fixings. But until now, the washers have only been available in purple, so they really stood out.”  

To ensure the fixings blend in with the facing, the new range is colour-matched to off-white for Rocksilk® Soffit Linerboard Extra and black for Rocksilk® Soffit Linerboard Standard.

Find further information at KNAUFINSULATION.CO.UK/SOFFITS 



Rocksilk SOffit Linerboard
Green Roofs

EUREKA moment for Green Roofs  

Knauf Insulation Green Solutions was awarded with EU funds from the EUREKA 2019 initiative for their project “Green Roofs for storm water management with online model application”.

Green roofs bring numerous benefits. Apart from saving energy, green rooftops also increase well-being, promote biodiversity and provide successful storm water management.

Storm water management in dense urban areas is vital, due to more extreme weather. Well-engineered green roofs capture and retain rainwater, which gradually evaporates into the atmosphere and is slowly released to the sewage system. This is a particularly important and recognised factor in climate change adaptation.

The goal of the project is to develop a new green roof system, which will be adaptable to specific locations, buildings and local climate conditions. Prototypes have already been installed in the Netherlands and Slovenia. These are helping us to measure storm water detention and the prevention of floods, especially during big storms and heavy rainfalls. Watch this space for further developments!




High performance for high-rise buildings  

In response to developments in fire safety and specifying products that are manufactured to the highest standards and are fit for purpose, Knauf Insulation Northern Europe has further improved its Rocksilk® RainScreen Slab range.  

Third-party certification body, the BBA, has certified the product as suitable for use in partially filled masonry cavities. This additional certification means Rocksilk® RainScreen Slab is:  

  • BBA certified for an even broader range of build-ups 
  • now available in 455mm x 1200mm (in addition to the existing 600mm x 1200mm product) to suit standard centres for installation between wall ties or brick restraint systems. 

The improved Rocksilk® RainScreen Slab range ensures compliance, delivers real-world performance and provides a robust solution for all common rainscreen build-ups.




Rainscreen Banner.png

‘Very good’ news

Knauf Insulation Northern Europe’s BES 6001 re-certification has been successful. The rating has increased from Good to Very Good.

The BES 6001 certification is an independent, third-party assessment and certification for construction product manufacturers. It enables them to prove that their products have been made with constituent materials that have been responsibly sourced. The scheme is recognised by the BREEAM family of certification schemes and the Code for Sustainable Homes.


BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing
Fire-teK® DuctProtect SYSTEM



Five reasons to CHOOSE our new fire protection system  

Knauf Insulation Technical Solutions launched a new mineral wool based system from their Fire-teK® range, made with ECOSE Technology®, for use on rectangular ventilation ducts. This innovative system for fire protection class EI 30 is called the Fire-teK® DuctProtect SYSTEM.

Five reasons to choose the Fire-teK® DuctProtect SYSTEM 

  1. No penetration in the duct (stiffeners, screws) means that ducts are guaranteed to remain tight, making them efficient to clean and more hygienic  
  2. No sound transfers to walls as no wall-mounting is needed 
  3. It’s quick and easy to cut and assemble without additional tools 
  4. It’s safe to install in the workplace as no metal has to be cut, so there are no flying sparks 
  5. It’s easy to maintain thanks to fire-protection-tested inspection openings

Find out more at HERE



Knauf Insulation Home

Guiding customers through the process

Our new platform, Home by Knauf Insulation, is guiding customers in Slovakia through every phase of their home insulation project, whether it is a new construction or a renovation. 

Customers can use the website to find out about our products and choose the right insulation for different parts of their building. They can work out the volumes they need, get a cost quote and enjoy a free consultation with one of our experts. Insulating your home couldn’t be easier! 




Housebuilder Hub

Help for housebuilders  

To help housebuilders comply with the updated Approved Document L (ADL) building regulation changes in England, Knauf Insulation Northern Europe has launched a new Housebuilders Hub online.

The updated ADL requires new homes to produce 31% less carbon emissions compared to previous regulations.

The updates are causing big changes for the industry. Developers face unprecedented demand for quality homes built to precise standards. This is against an increasingly challenging backdrop of compliance, cost pressures and rising customer expectations.

To support customers during the transition, we’ve developed practical resources on the Housebuilder Hub including Part L guides, house recipe options and online U-value and Psi-value calculators to find the optimal route to compliance with minimal disruption.




Award-winning solutions for sandwich panels

One of the current trends in the sandwich panel market is light-weight solutions for less demanding applications, such as lower wind loads and fire resistance requirements. In response, Knauf Insulation OEM has developed an award-winning low-density Rock Mineral Wool for sandwich panel production called PBE Board LITE.

It's economical to use, offers good mechanical and insulation performance and it’s a more sustainable solution for sandwich panels. PBE Board LITE received the Gold Innovation Award of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia.

We also introduced the first Knauf Insulation Glass Mineral Wool product for sandwich panels, Knauf Insulation PBE G Board AIR, which is a lightweight solution and made with ECOSE Technology®. It is cut into lamellas during the sandwich panel production process, offering excellent thermal insulation properties and good mechanical strength. PBE G Board AIR is produced using up to 80% recycled glass and holds the Indoor Air Quality Gold certificate by Eurofins, making it perfect for creating sustainable sandwich panels.



    Award-winning solutions for sandwich panels
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