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The world’s most important document and why it matters to Knauf Insulation

By Sian Hughes
December 10, 2018

Here’s an intriguing question to start your Monday. What is the most translated document in the world?

The Guinness Book of Records has officially recognised The Universal Declaration of Human Rights as the most translated text on the planet — now available in more than 500 languages from Abkhaz to Zulu.

The declaration enshrines the rights of everyone regardless of their origin, religion, colour, sex, opinion, status or birth and was created in 1948 to guide people out of suffering to create sustainable, just and peaceful societies.

Siân Hughes our Director of External Affairs said: “Today is the 70th anniversary of the day that the United Nations adopted the Declaration and its message remains as relevant now as when it was first drawn up.”

Saving people from fuel poverty

At Knauf Insulation we actively work to uphold these rights and have committed to support United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) to reduce inequality, prevent injustice and promote sustainable societies.

“That is why our public affairs teams continue to campaign to change legislation that will lift people out of the fuel poverty that impacts 11% of Europeans and that is why we continue to work to create future-proof buildings that improve well-being and health,” says Siân.

In addition, our company-wide Knauf family value of menschlichkeit — or the human dimension — has always informed our work and we encourage colleagues to act with social responsibility, fairness and respect.

Supporting our communities

We take this responsibility to heart and support our communities wherever we are — whether we are working with Syrian and Afghan refugees in Slovenia, renovating Maori community centres in New Zealand or donating time and money to charities around the world.

“World Human Rights Day is an ideal time to remind ourselves that when it comes to issues of respect, dignity and equality, actions always speak louder than words,” says Siân. “A lot has been achieved since 1948 but there is always more to be done.”

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