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Why sustainable buildings should become the new European standard

By Vincent Briard
December 18, 2018

Knauf Insulation took part in a key European Commission conference today to discuss the role that Level(s) can play in the future of sustainable building and the circular economy.

Brussels, 18.12.2018:

The European Commission’s Level(s) pilot project is an historic opportunity to help Europe save energy, curb CO2 emissions and improve resource efficiency for generations to come—but only if its promise of better buildings is translated into an exciting political reality. It includes now 130 building projects in 21 countries testing Level(s).

Speaking at the conference Level(s) – Bringing buildings into the circular economy organised by the Commission to discuss the future of Level(s), Vincent Briard, our Sustainability and Product Regulatory Affairs Director, said: “The knowledge gained from Level(s) must contribute to a significant first step on the road to new sustainable building legislation across Europe.”

“At the United Nations Climate Change Conference earlier this month, the Commission unveiled a long-term vision for a climate neutral Europe by 2050 and in 2019 a new European Parliament will be elected. What will be the legacy of that parliament? It has to be legislation that finally tackles the devastating impact that buildings have on the environment.”

In Europe buildings produce 36% of CO2, consume half of all extracted materials, use 40% of Europe’s energy and generate a third of all waste.

Level(s) aims to ‘mainstream’ building sustainability by unlocking the data needed to understand the environmental, social and economic impact of buildings across their entire life cycle — from the sourcing of raw materials to ultimate demolition and disposal. At present only 1% of buildings in Europe are sustainability assessed.

Knauf Insulation was one of the first companies to support the Level(s) project in Europe and our sustainability building showcase — the Knauf Insulation Experience Center in Slovenia — has been contributing valuable research to Level(s) from construction to completion since 2017.

“We gave our support to Level(s) because we believe in better building. We now believe it is no time for better buildings to become the new European standard.”

For more information about our Level(s) pilot project, visit our blog: