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When you put your name to something quality matters even more

By Mark Thompson
November 08, 2018

Today is World Quality Day and the message this year is that reputations are built on quality and trust.

Quality and trust have always driven the success of Knauf Insulation and the Knauf Group. When the Knauf family puts its name to a product, our customers can be confident that it is designed to meet the required quality standards and regulations.

Today we believe that we must go even further.

The vision of Knauf Insulation is to lead the change in smarter insulation solutions for a better world.

Delivering this vision requires us to gain an even deeper understanding of what each of our customers perceive as quality and then deliver more.

That is why we have launched a new Product Quality and Compliance Programme to sharpen our focus on ensuring our customers get even higher quality solutions in which they can continue to trust.

It is not just about looking at the technical specification of a product but also examining the way it is used to achieve the best possible performance for our customers. It means identifying these needs and then improving specifications and even creating special testing procedures where required.

We want our customers to continue to trust us. To trust us to deliver on what we promise (and on the rare occasions that we stumble- to resolve the situation quickly and positively) and also to provide that little something extra that makes Knauf Insulation the supplier of choice.

This is why we are proud to support World Quality Day;

Because we believe that continued trust in Knauf Insulation to deliver quality solutions ensures success for everyone.

For more information about the World Quality Day: www.quality.org/world-quality-day-2018

By Mark Thompson, Group Product Quality and Compliance Lead