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Want to inspire a more sustainable future? Join living with a green heart

By Knauf Insulation
January 11, 2022

Knauf Insulation is supporting an exciting new Slovenian initiative to inspire positive well-being, new sustainable ways of living and the transformation of grey urban environments into flourishing centres of greenery.

The company’s Systems Division in Slovenia has been a major catalyst for the initiative known as Living With A Green Heart. Now other companies, individuals and groups are being invited to join its mission to help people create a more sustainable future shaped by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Saša Bavec, Knauf Insulation’s Managing Director Systems Division and Group Marketing Director, says: “The driving force behind Living With A Green Heart is the recognition that only individuals that make a conscious decision to start living a more sustainable life and inspire others to do the same can drive society’s transformation to be more sustainable.

“And individuals can only make such a decision when they feel well and live a full life. That means companies, organisations and governments have a duty to create such an environment where people can thrive.”

Sasa Bavec, Knauf Insulation

Inspiring sustainability at World Expo

This month and next, a range of events will be hosted by Living With A Green Heart at the Slovenian Pavilion of the World Expo in Dubai — a striking example of sustainable building featuring a six-metre, 500 m2 Urbanscape green wall created from 45,000 plants.

To help people become the best versions of themselves, Living With A Green Heart focuses on care for mental health and well-being and the development of ecosystems that allow people to thrive.

“Living With A Green Heart aims to create a friendlier and more responsible environment for employees at all levels and in all aspects, appreciating diversity and improving relationships as well as the way we work, collaborate and co-exist within our environments,” says Saša.


Transforming grey cities to green

Living the green heart

Another key aspect of the initiative is the development of sustainable products and solutions that have the power to transform grey cities into green oases and the creation of better buildings.

This focus resonates with Knauf Insulation’s Urbanscape Green Solutions division which has consistently campaigned for more green walls and roofs in urban centres to encourage greater biodiversity, the decarbonisation of buildings and the creation of sustainable spaces that are great for the environment and for communities.

Those that join the Living With A Green Heart initiative will be able to share sustainable best practice, work together on sustainability programmes and enjoy the support of a dynamic collaborative network.

Knauf Insulation is defined by sustainability

From innovative energy saving solutions to the mass renovation of social homes, Knauf Insulation has always put sustainability at the heart of everything it does.

In 2020 the company launched its new sustainability strategy For A Better World setting ambitious 2025 targets including sending zero waste to landfill and reducing product carbon by 15%.


Click here to learn more about Living With A Green Heart or visit the Slovenian pavilion at the World Expo in Dubai.

Slovenian pavilion featuring Urbanscape Green Solutions at the World Expo