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Want to increase the value of your home by 20%? Here’s a simple secret

By Laura Croze
October 01, 2018

Hurray for Energy Efficiency Day! Today is the day when we celebrate the benefits of saving energy to cut energy bills, reduce emissions and help save the planet.

Now a new survey in Hungary has revealed another reason to celebrate. Saving energy can add as much as 20% to the value of your home.

According to research of 25,000 online adverts by real estate website Otthontérkép and Knauf Insulation, the average Hungarian home at the end of the second quarter of 2018 was being sold for US$804/m2 compared to insulated homes that were 20% more expensive at US$979/m2.

Good financial sense to insulate

Nándor Mester, senior analyst at Otthontérkép said: “Clearly it not only makes financial sense to save money on energy by insulating your home, but also when it comes to selling your property the long-term benefits pay off as well.”

Demand for energy-efficient homes is also increasing with more than one in five Hungarian homes now insulated and enjoying savings of up to 150,000HUF or around US$542 every winter.

The research found that the percentage of properties described as insulated and energy efficient had gone up from 17% in 2016 to 19% in 2017. By spring 2018 that figure had increased to 21%.

Savings of 50% on energy bills

“The trend is clear. More and more homeowners are recognising the double benefit of insulating their properties. They are saving up to 50% on their energy bills and increasing the value of their properties by an average of 20%. It is the ultimate win-win situation,” said Tamás Aszódy, General Manager of Knauf Insulation Hungary.