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Strengthening trust in a time of crisis

By Anna Dukhno
November 12, 2020

The challenges of the pandemic may be ever-changing, but when it comes to our customers there are two values that remain constant — trust and quality.

In such extraordinary times it has been essential for us to develop innovative new ways of thinking to ensure that at Knauf Insulation these values continue to be strengthened and never compromised.

Our interactions may have been often defined by social distancing, video calls, masks and webinars, but we rose to the challenge to meet customers’ unprecedented needs and sharpen our focus on what delivers real value to them.

Today is World Quality Day and the ideal time to reflect on what it means for us to offer quality in today’s ‘new normal’.

For Knauf Insulation we have focused on understanding what our customers need and then making sure we deliver excellence.

How do we achieve this? By ensuring we have a clear and comprehensive understanding of why our customers buy and use our products and therefore what they critically expect from us. This means that we never stop at just legal requirements and regulatory compliance.

In such complicated times, customers need the reassurance of trust in quality more than ever, that is why we have gone above and beyond these traditional parameters.

Driven by a strong focus on Product Quality and Compliance  and our newly launched sustainability strategy which is committed to Creating Better Buildings, we have not just looked at the technical specification of our products but also examined the way they are used to achieve the best possible performance for our customers.

We continuously improve by identifying these needs and then work on improving specifications further — even creating special testing procedures where required.



Mark Thompson, KI EMEA Health, Safety, Environment, Energy and Quality Systems Director, says: “2020 has been defined by extraordinary challenges for everyone and in these uncertain times our customers appreciate the certainty that Knauf Insulation will always strive to exceed their expectations when it comes to quality.”



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