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Speed, efficiency, performance — how Knauf Insulation supports installers

By Anna Dukhno
May 02, 2019

Knauf Insulation has always aimed to give installers a helping hand through innovative solutions and expert levels of specialist insight.

It is a win-win for everyone. Installers want products that are quick, easy and friendly to work with and building residents appreciate the energy-saving, acoustic and non-combustible real performance that effectively installed Knauf Insulation solutions can achieve.

In Russia, for example, we met thousands of installers to discuss their challenges. They said they needed solutions that were light and easy to transport, pleasant to handle as well as rigid and quick to install without generating dust. We created the products, introduced a team of Installer Ambassadors and have seen our sales jump 20% year on year.

Insight into installer challenges

In Western Europe, we have seen further innovation and on May 7 we will officially open a new Knauf Insulation Experience Center next to our Visé plant in Belgium. Offering hands-on specialist training and real-scale demonstration scenarios, the center reveals how to install our solutions for maximum energy-saving performance, acoustic comfort as well as building fire safety and indoor air quality.

Then, of course, there are our installer-friendly products. Our Mineral Wool 35, for example, is rigid but flexible, easy to cut, simple to slide into place and 30% faster to install than our traditional Rock Mineral Wool.

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We continue to innovate for installers

Available in the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Mineral Wool 35’s compression packaging, reduces transportation and storage needs and speeds up job site handling, while our ECOSE Technology binder ensures it is odourless, low dust and has no added formaldehyde.

Installers appreciate our Unifit portfolio designed for pitched roof insulation. Special marking on the surface make cutting the roll to slabs of right size easier and more precise. Perfect friction fit firmly anchoring Unifit between the rafters makes installation fast and efficient.

Meanwhile, our Homeseal System complements our insulation solutions by offering a complete range of all the high-quality membranes, tapes and sealants an installer needs to improve building airtightness and humidity control.

Tanja Schamberger, our Head of Market & Product Development for Residential, said: “We recently celebrated International Workers’ Day on May 1 and this is the perfect time to recognise the critical role that installers play in everything we do at Knauf Insulation. We will continue to develop the innovations that ensure they are able to carry out their work as effectively and as smoothly as possible by providing the support and solutions they need to deliver real performance.”

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