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Drone Shot Slovenian School Green Roof
Slovenian School Green Roof

Knauf Insulation has participated in a series of films, titled The Spaces That Shape Us, produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions and initiated by the World Green Building Council.

The series showcases a selection of projects across the world that are examples of how long-term thinking can produce buildings that are better for both people and the planet. 

Highlighting our commitment to creating better buildings, we are featured in two films within the series, which show how we can ‘Make Insulation Do More’ through thoughtful, sustainable design.

The first film shows how an Urbanscape® green roof in Slovenia is helping a school in Kranj be more sustainable. Urbanscape® provides innovative urban solutions with a focus on green roofs, landscaping, and sustainable designs.

Featuring our Green Solutions colleagues Gregor Kovac and Barbara Subic, the film is an example of how green infrastructure can benefit public buildings, such as schools, and the wellbeing, environmental and educational benefits it can bring to students.

The second film in the series produced for Knauf Insulation, tells the story of a social housing project within Halle, Belgium, and how energy efficient renovation has benefitted the lives of those that live within it.

The film features Souhail Sbai, Project Manager for Knauf Energy Solutions, who talks through the process of retrofitting homes and the energy savings possible from renovation. Part of the Knauf Group, Knauf Energy Solutions employs technology to revolutionise building decarbonisation.

Deep Renovation Social Housing Halle Knauf Insulation
Worksite Halle Social Housing Renovation Knauf Insulation
Family Living In Halle Social Housing Renovated Thermal Comfort
Architecture Plan Renovation Halle Social Housing
Knauf Insulation Group Sustainability Director Vincent Briard

Vincent Briard, Sustainable Building and Partnerships Director at Knauf Insulation says:

“Participating in The Spaces That Shape Us is a fantastic opportunity to show the real-life impact of energy efficient homes and green spaces on our local communities. Not only do Better Buildings have a positive effect on household expenditure, they are also better for the planet and better for our wellbeing.”

With buildings contributing to more than a third of carbon emissions globally, The Spaces That Shape Us, shows examples of spaces that have been designed with wellbeing and nature in mind.

Watch the full films below or on our YouTube channel.

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