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Roof systems to try before you buy

By Knauf Insulation
December 13, 2021

With most important purchases — from cars to clothes — it is possible to try before you buy. But what about entire building systems? Knauf Insulation’s BIM Factory web app can help.

Imagine being able to try out a variety of building systems with your colleagues before taking the final decision to buy. Imagine, at the swipe of a screen, then testing these systems on a virtual building to ensure they provide the acoustic, thermal or fire safety performance you want. Now imagine being able make huge savings on a building project at the click of a mouse.

Welcome to the world of Building Information Modelling (BIM).

This cutting-edge process combines 3D design, visualisation and data to allow everyone involved in a building project to model, test and explore every option online before a single building component is bought.

Magdalena Pyszkowski, our Group Market Manager and Head of Non-Residential, says: “BIM allows specifiers to model a building and quickly choose and test the right solutions for their project online. It has become an important way to create an overview of a building and make changes before work begins avoiding expensive mistakes during construction.”


BIM Factory saves time and money

To help specifiers maximise the potential of this transformational process, Knauf Insulation has developed a BIM Factory web app to allow specifiers to visualise and test out a range of roof systems online.

“Our BIM Factory allows the selection of roof systems by application on demand with constantly updated product data information including the properties of components such as insulation and membranes based on technical requirements. Ultimately, BIM Factory will save specifiers and designers time, energy and money.”

BIM has been around for around 30 years and is used extensively in Nordic countries, the UK and Singapore, but Magdalena says that the process still has a long way to go before becoming mainstream in other countries.

BIM Factory

Test component properties before construction

Building Information Modelling

“This has to change because BIM offers exceptional advantages. Most construction partners are used to working as they would on a factory assembly line, BIM however offers the digital opportunity for an entire team to work online on a project simultaneously.”

BIM also offers the chance to understand and test out a variety of building component properties such as fire safety or accessibility before construction starts.

“Often these requirements are added into a model at the end of the design process which is counterproductive. If these requirements were incorporated in the early stages of the design it would allow the model to be built around the solutions rather than having them forced on at the end,” Magdalena says.

A final important consideration is that construction projects usually only have a slim margin to work with. However, with new reliable BIM data these margins could be improved significantly and help manufacturers produce project-dedicated products while optimising their production line and supply chain.

“Our BIM Factory is a major step forward will contribute significantly to saving our customers time and money,” says Magdalena.

Learn more about Knauf Insulations’s BIM Factory and start your BIM journey with us by just click on the button below!

BIM FACTORY by Knauf Insulation