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Proud to launch our ‘Sustainability Journey: 2023 Highlights’ report

By Knauf Insulation
November 29, 2023

We are delighted to announce the launch of ‘Sustainability Journey: 2023 Highlights’.

This report showcases our sustainability strategy achievements focusing on safety, employee engagement, decarbonisation and the circular economy. It also highlights how our 2023 research, resources and renovation initiatives are putting energy efficiency at the heart of better buildings.

Dominique Bossan, our CEO for Europe, Middle East and Asia, and Member of the Knauf Group Management Committee, said: “The report documents our progress towards achieving our 2025 sustainability targets.

“It shows the areas where we need to improve, celebrates where we have made positive progress and pays tribute to the hard work of our teams."

“For example, we reduced our Total Recordable Incident Rate from 9.1 in our 2019 baseline year to 5.9 in 2022 and we welcomed a record 83% response rate in our 2023 engagement survey."

Dominique Bossan, Knauf Insulation CEO

“We are also on track to cut the embodied carbon of our products by 15% by 2025 following a reduction of 8.2% in our absolute carbon emissions from 2021 to 2022.”  

Importance of energy efficient buildings

"Our Public Affairs teams around the world campaigned to put building energy efficiency at the heart of policymakers’ agendas throughout 2023 and we saw some important developments", said Dominique.

“We supported two studies that demonstrated how renovation could cut Europe’s energy demand by 44% and save Europe €3.5 trillion in energy costs over 20 years."

“We launched a new tool to demonstrate how our solutions pay back their carbon footprint in just 95 days. In addition, putting theory into practice, we unveiled a 63-building retrofit of social homes in Belgium."

“This project demonstrates the reality of how quality renovation improves lives, drives decarbonisation and generates energy savings."

“Overall, we still have a great deal of work to do. However, as this report reminds us, shaping a sustainable company and an energy efficient built environment is a journey of continuous improvement.”

Marc Bosmans, Group Sustainability Director

Culture change inspired by sustainability

Marc Bosmans, our Group Sustainability Director, added: “We are leveraging every opportunity to minimise the environmental impact of our company through a culture change which is being driven by the Knauf Insulation Board, our new regional sustainability managers and engineers, data updates, continuous feedback and the sharing of best practice.

“To keep sustainability on everyone’s radar we are also working to ensure constant internal communication and team collaboration. In 2023 we launched company-wide Climate Fresk workshops to inspire all our colleagues to contribute to making a sustainable difference."

“I am inspired by the optimistic energy of everyone at Knauf Insulation to make a positive impact and I am confident our sustainable future is bright”, said Marc. 


Cover of Sustainability Journey 2023 Highlights

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