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Our full range of Technical Solutions is now available with revolutionary ECOSE Technology®

By Laura Croze
April 20, 2018

We are proud to announce that our full range of Technical Solutions is now available with ECOSE Technology® — a revolutionary no added formaldehyde binder mainly derived from rapidly renewable materials.

Building on the success of our heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) products which converted to ECOSE Technology two years ago, all our industrial and shipbuilding solutions are now available with the innovative binder from today.

“When we first integrated ECOSE across our Glass Mineral Wool range in 2009, it was a significant step change for the industry,” says Saša Bavec, Knauf Insulation’s Group Marketing Director and Managing Director Systems Division. “Now we are continuing this pioneering tradition by converting all our Technical Solutions to this technology. It is a move that marks another major milestone for our company, contributes positively to Green Building Rating Systems and provides outstanding benefits for our customers."

So, what are those benefits? Well, first and foremost, all our Technical Solutions with ECOSE Technology deliver outstanding thermal, acoustic and fire-resistant performance — issues that are critically important in industrial and marine insulation environments where energy efficiency, safety and comfort are key priorities.

Secondly, our Technical Solutions products with ECOSE contribute have all been awarded Indoor Air Comfort Gold by Eurofins as low emitting materials and are certified according to RAL and EUCEB quality standards. This means that they are compliant with the most stringent national regulations on product emissions in countries such as France or Germany.

Thirdly, there are no added acrylics or formaldehyde in our solutions. And that light brown colour? Simply a natural reflection of the fact that we add no artificial dyes to our products.

And, finally, for anyone who handles our Technical Solutions — and that includes our colleagues in our plants — recent feedbacks proved that ECOSE products are easier to manage, less itchy and more pleasant smelling than conventional insulation materials.

Making mineral wool never felt better!

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