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The new Captain K program offers unique benefits to installers

By Pauline Pelous
September 12, 2019

Forget Spider-Man, Batman or even Captain Marvel. There is a new hero in town and he has super powers that any installer would really appreciate.

This month sees the official launch of Knauf Insulation’s very own Captain K — a special partner program designed to offer professional installers a wealth of customer insight, training and tips as well as plenty of rewards and benefits.

The program which encompasses a website and App was launched in Poland in the beginning of September and plans are now in the pipeline to roll it out in other countries across the group.

‘Designed to meet installer needs’

The features of the Captain K app will be continuously updated to help installers carry out their work more effectively and are set to include on-site support like reference books or highly precise installation weather forecasts for the construction sites.

Installers can also collect K-points in return for purchasing Knauf Insulation products; attending special installer events; taking part in survey, visiting exhibitions and participating in trainings. The good thing is that the collected K-points can be exchanged for various great rewards.

‘App will add real value’

Tanja Schamberger, Knauf Insulation’s Head of Market & Product Development for Residential said: “The Captain K app has been designed specifically to meet the needs of installers following research across all of Knauf Insulation’s regions.

“In addition to providing us with a direct way to communicate and receive feedback we will be aiming to constantly update the app with features that are practical, useful and add real value to the work of installers.”

For further details about the Captain K program visit our dedicated page