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Need reliable green product information fast? Just tap

By Laura Croze
May 23, 2017

Here’s a green building good news and a less good news story. The good news is that green building is growing massively in popularity. That’s good news for innovation, good news for people using these buildings and good news for the environment. Great.

The less good news is that as green building evolves it is becoming increasingly sophisticated and navigating the complexities of a product’s environmental performance — let alone accessing that information in easily-understood formats — can be a challenge. Not so great.

So, where do you start? The best place is Just a swipe, tap or click away is all the environmental performance information you need about our products and all the ways in which they can gain points in Green Building Rating Schemes (GBRS).

Plus, we can offer technical support from trained GBRS assessors and we provide updates on green building trends.

Whether you’re interested in GBRS such as BREEAM, DGNB and LEED or LCA and published EPDs, let Knauf Insulation be your guide through the forest of green building acronyms.

Who cares about Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)?

We do. An EPD is the best way to assess the environmental impact of a product because it examines in minute detail every stage of its lifecycle from the cradle to the grave.

That’s why we have EPDs available for almost all our Glass Mineral Wool products and Rock Mineral Wool, as well as EPDs for our Blowing Wool solutions SUPAFIL, JetSpray and for our Wood Wool Heraklith. We also helped create a system EPD for our Urbanscape Green Roof Solution — an industry first. 

More information

Most of our EPDs can be delivered in less than six weeks, but for those who need easy-to-digest environmental product information but without the detail of an EPD, we have Environmental Factsheets available on request. We also offer easy online environmental performance tool for Urbanscape. 

Urbanscape website

Who wants to know how products get points in GBRSs?

We do. And we know you do too. That is why we have easy-to-download factsheets available here that include a full breakdown of points awarded by LEED, DGNB and BREEAM for our Glass Mineral Wool, Rock Mineral Wool, Wood Wool and Urbanscape solutions .

Every document shows clearly how we can contribute points in specific schemes from energy performance, materials impacts like recycled content and lifecycle assessments through EPDs to health and wellbeing aspects like indoor air quality. As we launch new products we add the appropriate GBRS factsheet to the site.

Need more detailed project expertise?

We can help. Members of our sustainability team are trained in BREEAM for new construction, several national variations and BREEAM International 2016 which focuses more on air quality and EPDs. We also have LEED and LEEDv4 Green Associates in the US and Europe as well as HQE and DGNB specialists. This means that we can tailor unique solutions to meet the challenges of individual projects and specific GBRS.

Need to know how future green building trends will impact you?

Again, we can help. We can see the way trends are shaping the industry and we want to share our expertise.

Our annual sustainability report Insulation Matters, our blog and social media feeds(Twitter and LinkedIn) cover not just our company’s environmental performance but also our involvement in shaping the green building standards and regulations of the future through work with GBRSs, the European Commission, the European Regional Network of the Green Building Council and organisations such as the European Insulation Manufacturers Association (Eurima). A little insight into the future, makes planning today a lot easier.