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By Knauf Insulation
November 07, 2022

Soon, you will notice some changes to our product packaging. This is not an exercise in rebranding but an integral part of our strategy to make our products more sustainable and help build a circular economy. Our ‘More think. Less ink.’ initiative is aimed not just at meeting our sustainability commitments, but also at helping our customers and industry partners achieve theirs.

The European Commission has reported that Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW) accounts for more than a third of all waste generated in the EU. There is considerable potential to reduce this through recycling and recovery. Yet standards and regulations vary greatly from country to country, with levels of recycling and material recovery ranging from less than 10% to over 90% in different parts of the region. Nevertheless, there is a growing spotlight on recyclability as a key contributor to a circular economy. Official measures being implemented or considered include: legislation to penalise packaging that’s not recyclable, reusable or partly made from recycled content; investment and tax incentives to make plastics recyclable; and innovation in the design and production of packaging. In the EU, 100% of plastic packaging (across all sectors) should be reusable or recyclable by 2030 and many brands have committed to achieving this by 2025. When it comes to packaging for construction materials, plastic is the preferred material in many cases due to its resilience, low cost, durability and weather resistance. In the UK, the construction industry is the second largest consumer of plastic, after the packaging industry itself.


Thinking with our partners

With the best will in the world, architects, developers and distributors cannot source truly responsible materials if suppliers don’t play their part. And installers and contractors need to be able to do their job without the extra headache of dealing with troublesome packaging waste. At Knauf Insulation, we are more than aware of our responsibility in this area and have completely rethought our pack and pallet designs to make life easier for our customers. Our new overwraps feature a maximum of two colours on a white base film and up to 70% less ink* (15-18% coverage). Our stretch hoods now have either a transparent or a white/milky base film with only one additional colour and minimal print (0-15% coverage). The new designs are consistent, easily distinguishable and will simplify the storage and handling of our products. Above all, they set our solutions apart in terms of sustainability with packaging that is easier and cheaper to recycle with less energy consumption.

Less Ink Knauf Insulation New Sustainable Packaging

New regulations are coming - are you ready?

In the EU, 100% of plastic packaging (across all sectors) should be reusable or recyclable by 2030 and many brands have committed to achieving this by 2025.

Sustainable packaging is of course just a tiny element in the huge challenge we share as a society and, in our case, as a supplier to the building sector. But small changes can lead to big, big achievements – such as a circular economy – and that’s something worth thinking about!


• For details about the company’s For A Better World sustainability strategy click here.


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