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Maps celebrate Italy's capitals of green building

By Pauline Pelous
August 05, 2019

A new initiative by Italy’s Green Building Council (GBC) and supported by Knauf Insulation is mapping out some of the most exciting sustainable buildings in Milan and Rome.

Both destinations are hugely popular during the peak visitor month of August and downloading a map is an essential part of exploring the cities’ highlights.

Fortunately, GBC Italia’s maps have more to offer visitors than just tourist hotspots. The publications reveal the growth of sustainable buildings in Rome and Milan and identify exactly where landmark projects are transforming the cities’ urban landscapes.

Map highlights include Knauf Insulation projects

“Rome and particularly Milan offer a wealth of iconic sustainable projects that feature Knauf Insulation solutions and we are delighted to have these buildings put on the map. Literally,” says our Italian Public Affairs & Technical Marketing Manager Francesco Cavicchioli.

Milan enjoys a well-deserved reputation as Italy’s green capital with more than 200 buildings certified or under certification by Green Building Rating Systems including LEED, BREEAM, WELL and Italy’s GBC own certification, while in the Eternal City there are 90 sustainable building projects.

Perhaps the most striking map buildings to feature our solutions are the internationally renowned LEED NC Gold-certified “Bosco vertical” (Vertical Forest) — Milan’s stunning residential towers that feature 800 trees and 20,000 plants as well as 10,000m2 of our NaturBoard slabs — and the new 28-floor, 170-metre-high Libeskind Tower where 1,000 m2 of our Rock Mineral Wool slabs were chosen for the striking curved façade. The tower is expected to be certified a minimum of LEED NC Gold.

‘Map offers a new perspective on new buildings’

In Rome, Knauf Insulation is a Platinum sponsor of the city’s GBC map, and a striking image of the 37,300m2 LEED Gold-certified ‘A and B office buildings’ on Via Laurentina — featuring 1,500m2 of our Rock Mineral Wool slabs is showcased by the publication.

Writing in the introduction of the Milan project, Italy’s GBC President Giuliano Dall’O said the map was designed to show people the evolution of the city and its urban layout allowing them a new perspective on the innovation of new buildings and the renovation of historic landmarks. In the Rome edition, he describes green building as the “new normal for the eternal city”.

• Knauf Insulation recently joined Italy’s GBC in line with the company’s support of GBCs around the world. Click here to download the Rome guide and here for the Milan map.