Knauf Insulation’s vision for Europe’s sustainable energy future

By Anna Dukhno
June 20, 2019

Delivering real energy performance, unlocking finance for innovation and contributing to climate objectives by implementing urban green infrastructure were all critical topics of discussion for Knauf Insulation during this year’s European Sustainable Energy Week.

The event, launched by the European Commission in 2006, provides a platform for representatives of public authorities, private companies, NGOs and consumers to examine issues of energy efficiency, decarbonisation and innovation across Europe.

Knauf Insulation’s representatives contributed to key debates throughout the week.

Sustainable finance for innovation — changing paradigm

Speaking at a policy debate on Sustainable finance for innovation and energy efficiency, Barry Lynham, Managing Director of Knauf Energy Solutions, said delivering real energy efficiency performance was critical to unlocking future funding.

“If you can achieve real savings and demonstrate those savings with data that is beyond doubt then you instantly create a paradigm shift that enables more money for future energy efficiency measures to be accessed,” he explained.

EUSEW_B Lynham_2.JPG

Tackling climate change and water management issues with urban green infrastructure

Speaking at a high-level panel discussion, Every drop counts – the water-energy nexus and its relevance across EU policies, Jure Šumi, Business Development Director Green Solutions at Knauf Insulation, showed how urban green infrastructure, such as green roofs and walls can contribute to Europe’s long-term decarbonisation objectives and solve city storm and waste water management issues.  

“Green urban infrastructure reduces the amount of storm-water released into waste-water systems, saves energy and absorbs CO2 emissions. Policy makers need to be more ambitious when it comes to encouraging wide-spread urban green infrastructure solutions,” said Jure.

EUSEW_J Sumi_4.jpg

Comprehensive public building renovation through Energy Performance Contracting

Meanwhile, Katarzyna Wardal, our EU Public Affairs Manager, focused on the important role that Energy Performance Contracts must play in boosting public building renovation.

Speaking during the expert discussion on EPCs: Delivering real energy savings from EU to local level, Katarzyna explained that Energy Performance Contracting was a clear opportunity to renovate public buildings without putting pressure on public budgets.

“Policy framework needs to support this tool by making it work for comprehensive renovations,” said Katarzyna.

EUSEW_K Wardal_4.JPG

The events were co-organised by The European Alliance to Save Energy (EU-ASE), of which Knauf Insulation is a founding member since 2010.