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Knauf Insulation’s new customer waste take-back scheme is good for the environment… and business

By Pauline Pelous
March 18, 2020

Knauf Insulation has launched two new pilot projects to take back delivery pallets and to pick up and recycle customer waste.

The projects build on our work towards a circular economy — a system where nothing gets thrown away and is either recycled or reused rather than sent to landfill.

At Knauf Insulation, for example, our Glass Mineral Wool with ECOSE Technology now contains up to 80% recycled glass.

Our Circular Economy Manager for Western Europe Marc Bosmans said: “Today is Global Recycling Day and an important reminder that we must all learn to do more with less better. In Europe, for example, around a third of all waste comes from construction or demolition.

“We introduced our new pilots to help tackle this issue and also support our customers. They are increasingly looking for new ways to lower their environmental impact and demonstrate this to their own customers. In addition, landfill is becoming increasingly expensive and it makes solid business sense to find alternative solutions.”

High demand for our waste recycling pilot

Our first pilot has been rolled out across the Netherlands and involves taking back and recycling waste from customers who use our Glass Mineral Wool for modular building.

The process is straightforward, hassle-free and is provided for a small fixed fee per month. Our software system measures the waste produced at a customer’s site and automatically tells our partner company when it is ready for collection. The waste is then picked up and recycled into bricks and tiles.

“Prefabricated construction is incredibly popular in the Netherlands and since the scheme was launched in January we have seen a very positive response,” said Marc.

“The scheme saves our customers costs, gives them peace of mind that waste is being dealt with responsibly and lowers the environmental impact of their products. It’s a great win-win.

“We are monitoring the success of the initiative with a view to rolling it out across other countries as soon as we can.”

Europe uses more than 25 million cubic metres of timber for pallets annually

Our pallet take-back project is also being piloted in the Netherlands. Again, the scheme is straightforward. Our customers can call or email the pick-up service and our partner company will come and collect the pallets within seven days. They will then be recycled for reuse.

“Customers, particularly those on large sites, see a huge added value in this service and appreciate that it is a one-stop solution that is good for business and good for the environment,” said Marc.

In Europe, more than 25 million cubic metres of timber are used every year in pallets and packaging. “It is vital these resources are recycled as much as possible to maximise their lifespan,” added Marc.

• To learn more about our waste recycling scheme and for details about our pallet takeback service in the Netherlands visit us here.

• Visit here for more information about Global Recycling Day.