Comfort and safety

Knauf Insulation launches COVID-19 guidelines for travellers on holiday

By Eline Lhoest
August 04, 2020

Looking forward to escaping for a summer holiday this month, but want to ensure the best COVID-19 safety precautions?

Knauf Insulation has issued advice for its employees that may provide useful to anyone thinking of taking an August break.

The guidelines provide practical measures that can be taken whether you are in an airport, on a flight, in a taxi or settling into a hotel room.

Philippe Coune, our Group HSE Lead EMEA, said: “We want everyone to be As Safe As Home when they are away and come back from their holidays with nothing more than great memories.”

Patrice Briol, our Group HR and HSE Director, added: “Taking care of yourself on holiday and respecting local regulations ensures you take care of your colleagues, friends and family when you come back.”

The travel advice includes:

Making rooms safer

In holiday accommodation wipe door handles, light switches and remote controls and avoid using hotel glasses. Remove bed ‘comforters’ and decorative pillows. Hang the ‘Do not disturb’ sign on the outside door handle to avoid people entering the room.

Keeping your distance

It is important to maintain a physical distance to other people of at least 1.5 metres; respect distancing and direction floor markings as well as politely decline handshakes.

Ensuring low passenger numbers

In hired transfers or taxis, it is important to transport the lowest number of passengers possible. If a car or bus is full wear a mask.

Wearing a mask where necessary

Many countries have introduced rules that require the wearing of masks in enclosed public spaces such as busy shopping areas, buses, trains, shops or on planes. When wearing a mask ensure the mouth and nose are fully covered.

Opening windows

In rental cars, taxis or holiday accommodation, open windows whenever possible to ventilate enclosed spaces.

Cleaning surfaces

Clean any surface that may be touched such as steering wheels, gear levers or entertainment and navigation systems in hired cars or in-flight touch screens, arm rests and trays on board aircraft.

Keeping hands clean

Hands need to be washed regularly for at least 20 seconds and sanitizer should always be carried. Mobile devices must be kept clean with sanitiser.

Assessing a destination’s risk

Countries are denoted as ‘Red warning level 3’ (avoid all non-essential travel to these destinations); ‘Yellow alert level 2’ (additional precautions required) or ‘Green watch level 1’ (practise usual precautions). Assess carefully the appropriate travel risks.