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Knauf Insulation appointed founding sponsor of Living Future Institute in Europe

By Anonymous
April 19, 2018

Knauf Insulation has been officially appointed the founding sponsor of the Living Future Institute in Europe.

The announcement was made at the Greenbuild Europe event this week by the institute’s CEO Amanda Sturgeon who said the network would help accelerate regenerative building design in Europe.

The institute is actively pursuing European market alignment and adaptations of the Living Building Challenge (LBC) building rating tool.

The Living Building Challenge framework is regarded as one of the world’s most rigorous performance standards for buildings and, in the words of the institute, “People worldwide use this regenerative design framework to create buildings that, like a flower, give more than they take!”

In addition to other criteria, by rejecting harmful substances mentioned on the red list, the tool emphasises the use of healthy construction materials that have a positive environmental impact. Knauf Insulation solutions such as ECOSE® Mineral Wool and SUPAFILl® Blowing Wool are perfect examples of regenerative products as they use bio-based and secondary raw materials and are recyclable at the end of life.