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How SUPAFIL® is tackling the challenges of the building industry to put energy efficiency at the heart of buildings

By Knauf Insulation
August 31, 2022

Soaring energy prices, global climate change concerns — the need to make buildings energy efficient has never been higher.

Frederic Bonnefoy, Group Market Manager Head of Blowing Wool, says: “We have always known that buildings are responsible for 40% of energy use and 36% of emissions in Europe, but due to this year’s perfect storm of inflation, high prices and energy security we are all more conscious of our energy use in buildings than ever before. According to the recent BPIE study, a massive roll out of building insulation can lead to 45% of final energy demand reduction.

Frederic Bonnefoy Knauf Insulation Central Market Manager SUPAFIL Blowing Wool


“We need to scale up energy efficient renovation across Europe and increase the output of nearly-zero-energy new-builds, but there are challenges. Millions of lofts and wall cavities need energy-efficient insulation, but the construction industry is struggling to keep up with high demand due to a shortage of skilled labour and the logistical challenges of ensuring a high standard of quality that is delivered quickly and at scale.”

Knauf Insulation’s SUPAFIL® Blowing Wool can help, says Frederic.

‘SUPAFIL® is the future of our business’

The installation time is radically decreased allowing the professional to install quickly and then to handle more projects with the same team.

Just listen to Frank Gerken CEO of building service contractors Gerken Innenausbau in Germany. “In the past it would take three people a full day to insulate a hundred-square-metre loft,” he says. “With SUPAFIL it now takes just four hours with two people. SUPAFIL® is the future of our business.”

These sentiments are echoed by Clément Westrelin, Project Manager at BE Westrelin Engineering Consultancy, who says SUPAFIL is “easy to install properly, and when insulation is easy to install, we save time. Our workforce will be able to install almost 1500 m² in a single day. We’re able to complete our projects knowing full well that the insulation has been installed to a high standard, which is really pleasing.”

These customers demonstrate the advantages of SUPAFIL® vividly.

Supafil Installed French Senior Residence Uzès

SUPAFIL is free of Red List substances

In addition to high levels of production efficiency and energy savings, SUPAFIL is A1 non-combustible, acoustically effective and was the first blowing wool in Europe to be certified by DECLARE which means it does not contain any harmful substances on the DECLARE Red List.

All these qualities resonate strongly with increasingly demanding building users who want to know that the products in their homes, offices and public buildings are safe.

The added advantages of SUPAFIL are that there is no waste, off-cuts or scrap which avoids the need to use landfill sites.

Installing SUPAFIL Blowing Wool Prefabricated Offsite

Listen Toni Sjoman, Technical Manager of FM-Haus in Finland, who says SUPAFIL has revolutionised his modular  building business. “Our customers appreciate wood buildings that are good for the environment and are manufactured in factories to high standards with no waste.”

Finally, SUPAFIL’s sustainability credentials are impeccable. The Blowing Wool is created from up to 80% recycled glass.

“Now more than ever before we have all become aware of the importance of saving energy in our buildings,” says Frederic. “We need to make these buildings energy efficient and despite the challenges facing the construction industry I am confident that SUPAFIL offers a solution that is fast and effective.”

• To read more about Knauf Insulation’s SUPAFIL® solution visit the company’s site here.

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