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How quality inspires sustainable solutions at Knauf Insulation

By Knauf Insulation
November 08, 2021

Knauf Insulation has always been in the business of sustainability — reducing emissions, saving energy and creating better buildings for the benefit for people and the planet.

And we have always recognised that the success of our business and its governance depends on how effectively our products and systems deliver these social and environmental benefits.

In other words, quality.

Today is the start of World Quality Week which this year puts the spotlight on the role quality plays in sustainability and its impact on companies’ environmental, social and governance standards.

Dmitrij Kalinin, Knauf Insulation’s Group Quality Assurance & Systems Manager, says: “Buildings use around 40% of global energy and emit more than a third of the world’s emissions.

“Our entire business model is focused on creating the best quality solutions for our customers to reduce the environmental impact of buildings as far as possible to deliver real value to society.


We go beyond standards

“Of course, our processes, products and solutions comply with international and local standards and the quality of Knauf Insulation products is already well known on the market, but in the face of rapidly changing realities it is not enough.

We go beyond standards by working closely with our customers to gain a forensic understanding of their markets. For us a quality product not only meets their needs but also proactively anticipates their needs in future.”

Dmitrij Kalinin

Such customer-centricity has led to milestone sustainable innovations such as Urbanscape® Green Roof Solutions which make major contributions to creating better buildings by improving air quality, carbon absorption, rainwater management and biodiversity.

Sustainability has also inspired continuous improvement in every area of our customer-centricity such as increasing the ratio of recycled glass in our Mineral Wool, recycling scrap from construction sites, introducing compression technology that saves CO2 by delivering more product per truckload and improved packaging that uses less consumables and plastic.


Quality assurance and sustainability

“Quality assurance for Knauf Insulation means focusing on quality at every stage of our products’ lifecycle through data-driven understanding.

Assessing quality cannot be left until the product is formed and packed. That is too late. We embed quality assurance into every step of our process.
Dmitrij Kalinin, Knauf Insulation’s Group Quality Assurance & Systems Manager

Quality assurance also means focusing on sustainability — examining how Knauf Insulation can reduce waste, shrink its carbon footprint and energy use — at every step of every process.

Our customers expect sustainability to define quality,” says Dmitrij. “Taking the theme of sustainability for World Quality Week is also a reminder that everyone is a customer now not just the people who buy our products. Everyone has a vested interest in taking climate action, reducing waste and making a contribution to a better future.”

Knauf Insulation recently launched its new sustainability strategy For A Better World with ambitious 2025 targets that include reducing product embodied CO2 by 15%, sending zero waste to landfill and using more than 65% external recycled material for our Glass Mineral Wool.



Mark Thompson, KI EMEA Health, Safety, Environment, Energy and Quality Systems Director

Mark Thompson, Knauf Insulation’s Health, Safety, Environment, Energy and Quality Systems Director, says: “World resources are finite, we produce more waste than ever and there is an urgent need to decarbonise our economies.

“Understandably more and more customers are demanding sustainable products and direct environmental action around the world has moved to the top of international agendas.

“At Knauf Insulation our For A Better World strategy is our direct action. We understand the elements, materials and processes needed to make the right quality products as well as what is required for them to be more environmentally sustainable.

“However, there is always a fine balance. Quality and sustainability must always go hand-in-hand. We will never knowingly compromise the quality of our products.”



To learn more about Knauf Insulation’s For A Better World sustainability strategy visit our site here and for more information about World Quality Week 2021 click here.