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How Knauf Insulation is helping drive modular innovation

By Anna Dukhno
April 23, 2019

A 57-storey tower punctuates the skyline of the city of Changsha in China. At just 204 metres, the height of the building may be modest by Chinese standards but it is a soaring example of breath-taking innovation.

Astonishingly the tower was built by developer Zhang Yue in just 19 days, constructed at an average rate of three storeys a day, using prefabricated modules that slotted together like a giant’s flatpack kit.

Innovative modular building or prefabrication — where building components are constructed off-site using state-of-the-art technology before being quickly assembled onsite – is transforming the construction industry at every level from giant towers in China to more modest homes, offices and public buildings around the rest of the world.

Marriott wants 13% of new hotels to be modular

For instance, 15,000 of the 200,000 homes constructed every year in the UK are factory built and analysts expect this figure to double by 2020. In North America the Marriott hotel company has said it wants 13% of its new hotels to be modular to slash construction times.

Thomas Baguette, our Blowing Wool Business Development & Residential Market Manager, said: “Earlier this week, it was United Nations World Creativity and Innovation Day which was established to encourage everyone to find creative solutions for a more sustainable future. Well, modular building is a creative innovation that is literally shaping the way we could be living in future and we are proud that Knauf Insulation SUPAFIL MAX Frame is helping to drive that innovation.”

For example, in Belgium we provide 100 tonnes of our SUPAFIL MAX Frame every year to a company called ModuleHome which creates customised prefabricated buildings for commercial and residential customers in Belgium and can construct an apartment in just three days.

SUPAFIL MAX Frame’s maximum performance

“Modular building is not just faster and less labour intensive than traditional building techniques but it also offers the opportunity to monitor every detail in a controlled environment to ensure the highest possible quality before delivery to the site. Buildings can then be assembled quickly and with minimal disruption and minimal labour,” says Thomas.

SUPAFIL MAX Frame was specifically designed to meet every insulation need of this industry. The solution provides outstanding acoustic and non-combustible performance; can be injected-installed at a rate of 60 to 80m3 per day and only requires 35kg/m3 to achieve a thermal conductivity of 0.034W/mk.


Modular building is revolutionising construction

It also contributes to high-speed, minimal labour construction innovation. Two bales of SUPAFIL MAX Frame can be processed every hour and our giant 174kg compressed reduce refill times and truck loads.

“Modular building is revolutionising the world of construction and we are proud — through SUPAFIL MAX Frame — to be supporting those pioneers that are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible,” said Thomas. “The future looks very bright indeed.”

• To learn more about how SUPAFIL MAX Frame can transform modular building click here. To experience our solution up close and personal make an appointment to visit our Experience Center in Visé, Belgium.