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How FM Approvals puts trust in our flat roof assemblies

By Eline Lhoest
February 11, 2021

When customers invest in our commercial flat roof solutions with independently certified FM Approvals they are investing in peace of mind.

Commercial customers have two key concerns about any building project. First, that their construction is built to last and second, that their investment is fire safe and resistant to the elements, particularly wind.

Knauf Insulation’s new flat roof assemblies can help.

Magdalena Pyszkowski, Group Market Manager and Head of Non-Residential, FM approval, Knauf Insulation

Our Group Market Manager and Head of Non-Residential, Magdalena Pyszkowski, says: “The fact that our new solutions have been independently certified fire safe and resistant to wind uplift by FM Approvals immediately gives our customers confidence.

“All our flat roof assemblies have achieved outstanding FM Approvals ratings including Class 1 for interior fire performance, Class A for exterior fire and the maximum uplift wind load ratings of Class 1-180.”

A total of seven solutions — which can be customised to meet a wide range of single ply and bitumen commercial roofing requirements — were successfully certified at the FM Approvals Fire and Natural Hazard Test Centre in North America, which is regarded as one of the best testing facilities in the world.

Magdalena says: “For investors in any commercial project it is vital that they have trust in the construction systems. Roof systems are the first line of defence in the complete building envelope and flat roofs are particularly sensitive to fire and wind load.

“That is why when Knauf Insulation developed our seven high-performing roofing solutions we chose FM Approvals to independently certify their performance.”

Magdalena, who made three visits to North America to oversee each stage of the assemblies’ testing process, adds: “FM Approvals is a major step forward for Knauf Insulation. Not only does it instil confidence in our solutions, but in many respects, it is the shape of things to come.

“More and more companies — particularly American ones — are insisting on FM Approvals certification when it comes to their tendering process. At Knauf Insulation we are happy to help.”

The FM Approvals centre has built an international reputation on examining a wide range of causes of property damage and ways in which it can be prevented.

Its facilities are owned by FM Global Insurance, which provides commercial and industrial property insurance as well as loss prevention research to companies worldwide.

During the testing of our roof assemblies, each solution was subjected to a wide range of real-life wind and fire scenarios by the centre’s experts and their performance audited.

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“Across the world we are seeing communities and their buildings being damaged by increasingly frequent and extreme weather events. It is vital that our buildings are made as future-proof as possible, FM Approvals certification is a major step forward,” says Magdalena.

Our roof assemblies are available here and only contain membranes, bitumen or single ply approved by FM Approvals.

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