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Homeseal offers a low-cost simple way to maximise home comfort and energy savings

By Knauf Insulation
October 15, 2021

Homeseal protects our Mineral Wool from humidity, damp, wind and cold drafts to ensure energy efficiency excellence and improved well-being for homeowners.

Installing Knauf Insulation delivers energy savings, ensures a home is warm in winter, cool in summer and a pleasant place to live all year round. Unfortunately, there are forces of nature that can undermine all the incredible benefits any Mineral Wool has to offer.

Wind, rain, cold air and humidity.

Even small gaps and cracks between elements in a roof, wall or junction point can allow rain to penetrate the under-roof of a building or wind to circulate around the building envelope. And, if cold air sweeps across unprotected Mineral Wool insulation, it ‘washes away’ energy savings and produces unpleasant cold drafts.

Humidity can make a bad situation worse. For instance, condensation from a bathroom or laundry area can penetrate Mineral Wool causing long-term water damage. In turn, this may lead to unwanted mould or mildew which will undermine the health of any building.


‘We know how to maximise thermal performance’

Benoît Thiry, Product and Market Manager for the EU & CIS, Knauf Insulation

Benoît Thiry, Knauf Insulation’s Market Manager for Residential Applications, says: “Our knowledge of building physics and the well-being of buildings has come a long way in recent years. We now have a greater understanding of how to maximise the thermal performance of buildings as well as improve the comfort and well-being of the people who use them.”

Critical to achieving these goals is a focus on ensuring building air-tightness — blocking leaky gaps or cracks that can allow rain or cold air in — and protecting the surface of the Mineral Wool from the wind-washing that steals its thermal performance.

In addition, to tackle humidity, insulation needs to be protected from condensation appearing at the dew-point where a too-high relative humidity will condensate at a low temperature. 

Knauf Insulation can help. We produce a wide range of breathable membranes that plug the leaks and gaps of roofs and lofts as well as protect insulation from damage caused by badly managed humidity.


‘Homeseal is a low-cost win-win’

“Our Homeseal range offers a variety of solutions that are tailormade for every specific building application from permeable membranes for rooms with a low generation of humidity, such as bedrooms, and very low permeable membrane solutions for high humidity rooms such as bathrooms to hard-wearing membranes to protect exterior roofs and lofts,” says Benoît.

“Homeseal protects homes from losing heat, prevents humidity, saves energy, ensures proper ventilation and provides an effective shield against wind-washing. When it comes to making a home more comfortable and maximising energy-saving performance, Homeseal is low-cost win-win that can be easily installed with no mess and minimal disruption.”

Homeseal materials are specially selected and developed for maximum performance, tested rigorously and meet all quality standards. In addition, Homeseal accessories such as our LDS Solimur sealant or our Soliplan and Solifit tapes have been custom-designed to work together as a system to ensure maximum efficiency. Equally importantly, every system element is designed to last.

Homeseal products 2018, Knauf Insulation

Homeseal protection for your home

Knauf Insulation’s weather-proof Homeseal LDS breathable membranes are installed above roof rafters to provide insulation protection from the wind and rain.

Vapour control Homeseal LDS membranes are used inside the building envelope to plug air gaps and protect the insulation against heat loss and humidity from inside the building.

Homeseal LDS tapes and LDS sealant offer easy, secure and long-lasting adhesion for these membranes to ensure a perfect, durable installation.


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