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Heraklith celebrates 110th anniversary of Wood Wool boards invention

By Laura Croze
March 21, 2018

Wood Wool boards were officially “born” with the filing of Austrian patent no. 37223 by Mr. Robert Scherer in 1908.

First made as a combination of wood shavings and magnesite mortar, this mixture was replaced within a decade with factory-made boards manufactured under the Heraklith brand, registered in 1923.

The invention of this lightweight durable product providing thermal and acoustic insulation dramatically changed the building industry by allowing thinner structural walls. It would not take many years before Heraklith started working with architects, engineers and construction companies to expand the range of applications for Wood Wool boards, which can be currently found in the walls and ceilings of sports halls, car parks, theaters and offices all around the world.

Supporting Wood Wool boards’ growing range of applications, Heraklith was the first company to manufacture non-combustible A2 boards. This achievement was later used to produce several systems reaching fire resistance up to REI 240.

Before then, it had launched two- and three-layer boards combining Wood Wool with polystyrene in the 1960s and with Mineral Wool in the 1980s, for enhanced thermal and acoustic properties.

The history of Wood Wool boards is one of continuous innovation looking to meet the requirements of an ever-increasing range of applications. Heraklith is proud to be part of this history from the beginning.

Wood Wool by Heraklith®. Improving since 1908.

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