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First Knauf Insulation Experience Center celebrates a year of success

By Pauline Pelous
November 25, 2019

Our Knauf Insulation Experience Center at Škofja Loka in Slovenia is celebrating its first anniversary — and what an incredible year it has been.

Knauf Insulation Experience Center (KIEXC) was opened to generate increased awareness of green building in Europe, demonstrate Knauf Insulation’s creative approach to sustainable construction and act as a showcase for the company’s cutting-edge solutions.

Over the past 12 months it has achieved these aims and more, hosting more than 220 events for over 7,500 people and enjoying international acclaim from sustainable building schemes.

Platinum certification from DGNB

Within months of opening, KIEXC was awarded the highest-level Platinum certificate by the Green Building Rating Scheme DGNB, the first building in Slovenia to achieve this level of certification.

KIEXC is categorised as near zero-energy building and has also been contributing significant research towards the European Commission’s Level(s) pilot project — an initiative designed to mainstream the assessment of building sustainability across Europe.

Josefina Lindblom of the Commission’s DG Environment, Unit Eco-Innovation and Circular Economy said: “The center is significant because it is one of the first to contribute to Level(s) and being the first always sends a stronger signal than being the 150th. Knauf Insulation is showing others the way.”

Center for the exchange of ideas

The 832-square-metre center has also received an Open House Award for its contribution to energy efficient sustainable construction and Active House certification for sustainable performance.

KIEXC has become a major center for the exchange of new ideas about sustainable construction and hosted international events including conferences for World Green Building Week, the Fourth Sustainable Building Conference and the 14th Global Insulation Conference.

Building on success for the future

In addition, KIEXC has proved to be a powerful center for education offering the facilities and expertise to provide training in sustainable construction as well as revealing the positive impact of our solutions to customers.

The center features Knauf Insulation’s most innovative solutions from Urbanscape® Green Roof to Heraklith Wood Wool, Knauf Gypsum, Knauf AMF products and other partner solutions.

Saša Bavec, Group Marketing Director, said: “The opening of KIEXC is a demonstration of Knauf Insulation’s pioneering approach to sustainable construction. This has been a landmark year and we are looking forward to building on its success in future.”

For further details about Knauf Insulation Experience Center (KIEXC) in Slovenia visit our dedicated website