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ECOSE Technology: 10 years of success

By Pauline Pelous
September 18, 2019

In 2019 we celebrated the 10th birthday of our ECOSE Technology®, a revolutionary binder with no added formaldehyde. When it was launched ECOSE was a significant step change for the Mineral Wool industry and its award-winning benefits continue to impress specifiers and installers today.

Here are 10 reasons why this is a very special anniversary.

1 Composed of up to 80% recycled glass

Our Glass Mineral Wool with ECOSE Technology is composed of up to 80% recycled glass with the remaining content mainly derived from rapidly renewable materials.

2 No added formaldehyde

Our Mineral Wool with ECOSE Technology contains no added formaldehyde, artificial dyes or acrylics. The result is a naturally appealing appearance.

3 Ensuring good indoor air quality

Our Mineral Wool with ECOSE Technology was awarded Eurofins first Indoor Air Comfort Gold certificate for indoor air quality and is certified as an ‘outstanding material’ according to Volatile Organic Compounds Indoor Air Quality emissions certification standard and criteria. Eurofins Indoor Air Quality criteria demonstrate compliance with many voluntary indoor air quality certification schemes such as Blue Angel in Germany and M1 in Finland. The Eurofins standard is also recognised by most of the Green Building Rating Schemes including BREEAM, LEED, WELL and DGNB.

4 Low embodied energy

During a 50-year lifecycle, Mineral Wool with ECOSE Technology will typically save more than 500 times the energy that was used to manufacture it.

5 Green Building Rating Systems

Our Mineral Wool with ECOSE Technology can contribute to the total rating in Green Building Rating Systems — such as BREEAM, LEED, HQE, WELL, LBC and DGNB — by adding points, for example, through the level of recycled glass being up to 80%, having no added formaldehyde, being REACH compliant as well as having externally verified Environmental Product Declarations for the majority of our products.

6 Extensive EPD coverage

More than 80% of our Glass Mineral Wool with ECOSE Technology is covered with externally verified Environmental Product Declarations and for those that are not, we can deliver an EPD within 20 days.

7 User friendly

Colleagues who manufacture and installers who work with our ECOSE solutions have told us they have a more pleasant smell and are easier to cut than our traditional Mineral Wool products. In addition, our ECOSE solutions are compacted for easy storage, comfortable to handle and provide a rigid, flexible, tight and accurate fit.

8 Exceptional performance

Our Mineral Wool solutions with ECOSE Technology offer outstanding performance. They deliver excellent acoustics and noise control (Class A) and offer the highest fire safety rating — A1 non-combustible for most products. In addition, our ECOSE solutions provide outstanding thermal performance.

9 Rock Mineral Wool with ECOSE

Our customers have welcomed the launch of our ground-breaking Rock Mineral Wool solutions with ECOSE for heating, ventilation, air conditioning as well as for the thermal and acoustic comfort of buildings. In addition to outstanding performance, our solutions continue to provide the same exceptional levels of insulation and reaction to fire as the previous range. All our industrial and shipbuilding solutions are already available with ECOSE from our Novi Marof plant in Croatia, while at our new Rock Mineral Wool site in Illange, France, the latest technology has been installed.

10 A decade of awards

When Mineral Wool with ECOSE Technology was launched in 2009 it was voted Global Insulation Product of the Year Award. Since then it has picked up major awards on a regular basis. Nothing has changed. In 2019, awards included LeFonti Award for Excellence in Innovation and Communication and Trend of the Year in Italy.


“We will definitely continue to use products with ECOSE Technology. The Mineral Wool and binder without the addition of formaldehyde is not just quick and easy to install but also has a pleasant smell. Dust and fluff levels were also very low.”
JP Isolatie, Netherlands

“I will recommend the pipe section with ECOSE Technology to my colleagues and definitely continue to use it in my company.”
Dietmar Orlowsky, Bonn, Germany

“Knauf pipe with natural binder is super!”
Thomas Schrecker, Berlin, Germany

“The natural colour of Mineral Wool with ECOSE makes it easy to recognise. It is a smooth material that comfortable to handle and cut and it recovers very well after the packaging is opened.”
Andy Eccles, Powertherm, UK

“The products [Earthwool Glass Mineral Wool range] are competitively priced and superior in our market. Our customers enjoy the trademark softness and don’t miss the itch! Knauf Insulation’s sustainable credentials and environmental practices should also be commended with regard to recycled materials and low emissions.”
Daniel and Rachel McMahon, Managing Directors of Building Supplies Western Australia