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Driving the Circular Economy: new service launched to recycle construction and demolition waste

By Knauf Insulation
March 29, 2022

Knauf Insulation has officially opened a new €15 million Glass Mineral Wool recycling facility in Visé, Belgium, paving the way for an exciting new recycling service for the construction and deconstruction industry.

The inauguration was attended by Olivier de Wasseige, Managing Director of the Walloon Enterprise Network (UWE), Belgium, who described the facility as a milestone towards establishing a true circular economy in the construction sector which is responsible for 35% of Europe’s waste.

Around 85,000 tonnes of Glass Mineral Wool waste are generated every year in France, while in Belgium and the Netherlands the figure is around 30,000 tonnes with 26,000 tonnes of that total coming from demolition.


Zero waste to landfill by 2025

Rather than being landfilled or incinerated, the new facility will take back this waste and transform it into new Glass Mineral Wool as part of Knauf Insulation’s new service known as RESULATION — which as the name suggests — celebrates a pioneering new approach to RECYCLING in the INSULATION industry.

In addition to this new service, RESULATION will also recycle production off-cuts from Knauf Insulation’s Visé Glass Mineral Wool site using a dedicated production line and furnace at the plant.

Dominique Bossan, Member of the Knauf Group Management Committee and head of Knauf Insulation Europe/Middle East/Asia, said: “The new facility is an important step towards achieving Knauf Insulation’s commitment to generate zero waste to landfill by 2025 as part of the company’s For A Better World sustainability strategy.

“However, as well as demonstrating how our company is walking the talk when it comes to delivering a circular economy, it also provides customers with an efficient, effective, one-stop alternative to landfill or incineration.

“That is good for business, good for our customers and great for the planet.”


Picture in the header (from the left): Marc Bosmans (Group Sustainability Director, Knauf Insulation), Mark Leverton (Managing Director Western Europe, Knauf Insulation), Viviane Dessart (Bourgmestre of Visé, Belgium), Olivier de Wasseige (Managing Director of the Walloon Enterprise Network (UWE), Belgium), David Ducarme (Group Chief Operating Officer, Knauf Insulation), Olivier Douxchamps (Plant Manager Visé, Belgium, Knauf Insulation)


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