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Boost the performance of insulated ventilated façades with Knauf Insulation’s new Homeseal black tape

By Knauf Insulation
May 12, 2021

Knauf Insulation is proud to announce the global launch of its new range of long-lasting, weather-proof Homeseal black tape — an accessory that not only improves the performance of our insulation for up to 50 years but also enhances the look of ventilated façades.

A critical component of a ventilated façade is its aesthetic appeal and when insulation is installed behind façades with open cladding, it can be visually distracting, particularly if the weather membranes are combined with a brightly visible tape.

Our Homeseal LDS Solitop Black UV provides an instant solution in combination with our black Homeseal breathable weather membranes. The tape face is made from the same material as the membrane and when both accessories are installed, the black background is almost impossible to see, bringing the façade’s elements into sharp relief to provide a perfect, visually appealing finish.

Tape Knauf Solitop Black UV Knauf Insulation

Peace of mind for specifiers

Tape Knauf Solitop Black UV Knauf Insulation

The tape’s high performance adhesive power has been specifically designed to ensure the secure fixture of our two black membranes (Homeseal LDS 0.02 UV and Homeseal LDS UV Fixplus) to make certain they are windproof and rainproof while offering peace of mind to anyone specifying these products.

Benoît Thiry, our Market Manager for Residential Applications, said: “The tape has been sold across Eastern Europe and in Spain for the past two years and it has proved on many job sites to be such a phenomenal success that it has now been added to our global Homeseal range of accessories.”


Homeseal benefits

For ventilated façades our high quality exterior-use breathable membranes in combination with the new long-lasting tape provide an effective shield against water damage and ‘wind-washing’ — which is when air circulates across insulation from external sources or leaks and reduces its energy-saving effectiveness.

Knauf Membrane Mur

For pitched roofs, our Homeseal range also includes specific accessories such as high quality interior-use membranes (vapour control layers), high quality tapes and a flexible sealant. The range is designed to protect buildings from heat loss, improve comfort, prevent humidity and ensure ventilation when combined with Knauf Insulation solutions.

To learn more about our Homeseal product range, download our latest brochures here:

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